As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 3/12/08


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That is the first time I ever gotten to the end of that timeless ditty. Did you know that? I always imagined it would be so much -- so much more emotionally satisfying. You're a lousy audience, you know that? Here I am -- I'm keeping up the witty repartee for hours, despite being chaffed in certain ways that a gentlemen shall not mention, and I can't even get a tepid huzzah out of you.

Brad: Well, I can't believe you think I want to put the moves on you.

Katie: Don't you?

Brad: No, of course not. I'm too worried about Henry. But you won't let me go downstairs and wipe the floor with Gerard. And I don't hear any brilliant ideas coming from you. So, I was thinking maybe, you know, a little relaxation through friction can stimulate the old brain cells.

Katie: You are so full of it.

Henry: A little help! Oh, you are of no use, do you know that? You won't join me in drinking songs, you won't scooch on over with some keys to take care of these cuffs. And you're a real dud when it comes to small talk. All right, I really got to tell you, if you think this strong and silent thing is going to get you a slot on Katie and brad's show, you've got another thing coming -- I could really -- I could really use a conversation with Katie right now. She's got an incredible way of getting out of trouble. Even though it usually involves me putting on a dress. Wow, you know, they really must have hit me on the head pretty hard, I cannot believe I forgot about this. I've got an idea here.

Henry: Listen, I got knocked over the head, and now I'm chained to some pole with nothing but a dummy for company.

Brad: Who cares about his IQ can he get you out?

Henry: A real dummy, Brad. A puppet.

Henry: I saw you -- I saw you watching my little bit of tongue gymnastics there. You know where I learned that, huh? How to dial by -- by mouth like that? A lovely little woman I met in Bangkok. She can make a hard man humble, even at long distance.

Luke: I'm really sorry about your mom, Aaron.

Aaron: Thanks. Say a prayer.

Luke: Bible or Koran. I mean, take your pick. We've kind of got that whole inter-faith thing covered.

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