As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 6/14/07


Provided By Eva

Meg: I didn't give her a choice. It's my decision, mama. Okay, okay -- don't get all quiet on me. What you are thinking?

Emma: No, no, no, no, no. I am not going to get into another conversation with you where you think I'm rigid, judgmental -- when I'm telling you what you already know.

Paul: All right. As soon as you say your vows, the minister will say to Craig that he may kiss the bride and then you run. You run. There's a door right there, and you just go out the door -- it's to a back entrance, and I'll be waiting for you. I'll have the motor running.

Meg: You want me to run with miles of satin and a veil?

Paul: Is that going to be a problem?

Meg: I think he's gonna chase me. And I think he's gonna catch me.

Craig: These are from a gentleman who brought them back from a wedding that had been cancelled. The jeweler had just gotten them back that day.

Margo: Did you get the big, bad vibe discount too?

Craig: Oh, come on. Knock that off. Stop that -- I don't do superstitious stuff like that with this.

Margo: Yeah, well what about meg?

Craig: Well meg doesn't know, and you're not gonna tell her.

Margo: You've gotta tell her. You've got to tell her. Every woman has a right to know that she's wearing bad luck rings.

Craig: Fine, I'll tell her.

Margo: When?

Craig: Fifth anniversary. Tenth at the latest.

Margo: What do you think is gonna to happen? Do you think you're gonna get married and she'll wake up out of the blue one day and say, "I love you"?

Craig: I can be pretty irresistibly adorable when I put my mind to it.

Margo: Honey, listen -- this marriage might be a love match for you, but for Meg it screams business arrangement.

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