As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 5/21/07


Provided By Elayna

Vienna: I need you desperately.

Henry: Sweetheart, I know the feeling but I don't think the breakfast crowd will approve!

Henry: Coleman here. Before you hang up, this is a bona fide emergency. If I don't see you in the next half-hour, we're gonna have a full-blown, international incident.

Katie: Swedish fish?

Brad: They're your favorite, right?

Katie: Why?

Brad: Well, I would have got you jawbreakers -- which are my favorite, by the way -- but I was thinking of you, and I want to apologize.

Henry: She hasn't seen them since they were stolen.

Vienna: I had nothing to do with stealing them. I was a pansy.

Henry: Patsy. You were a patsy.

Dusty: So your dealer friend Jesse's not gonna bother you anymore. He stopped by for his money. His money? Apparently, the party wasn't on him. That said, he knows he's not getting paid. If he goes near you again, I'll break his neck.

Alison: You're aware that that's a felony?

Dusty: Drug dealing?

Alison: Murder.

Dusty: It would look like an accident.

Alison: Well, that would then make me an accessory, right?

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