As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 2/12/07


Provided By Elayna

Adam: Yeah, I was going to hitch. The battery in my car died, and I couldn't call anyone because my cell phone was dead.

Gwen: Wow. Batteries are just dying all over the place.

Craig: How is Oakdale's Florence nightingale?

Meg: Feeling more like Typhoid Mary.

Emily: Me? I'm going to make right on those promises I was tossing around at the worldwide meeting. Increase circulation. I'm meeting a source.

Dusty: Oh, so you're doing a story? That's good.

Chaz: I hope it's not a happy hooker.

Luke: She tried to get me to join the drama club. Because I'm so sensitive and she can tell that I have talent.

Lucinda: Oh, dear.

Luke: Yeah, yeah. Just because I'm gay, I've got to be artistic, right? It's like, in the bi-laws or something.

Luke: You think that, you know, I have a much better chance of meeting a nice boy like me if I get involved with one of the plays. But, for all you know -- for all you know, there could be more gay guys involved in sports than in the drama club, and the show choir combined.

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