As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 2/2/07


Provided By Elayna

Brad: Beer? That your renewal notice for the self-righteous gazette? Sure, I'll tell you exactly where I was all afternoon. I was out looking for a job, just like you suggested.

Jack: Is that why you smell like cigar smoke?

Brad: As a matter of fact, yes. I put in an application at a cigar bar. I thought I could trade in on one of my areas of expertise.

Jack: No openings at the sitting-around-doing-nothing bar?

Brad: Jack, consider the lilies of the field, they toil not, nor do they spin --

Jack: Nor do they pay rent. You're going to. And since when do you quote the Bible?

Brad: I went to Sunday school. Mom made us, remember?

Jack: Yeah, I remember. The part I don't remember is you paying attention.

Brad: Kicking a beautiful woman out of the house, you know he hasn't had this much fun since he busted Grandma for jay-walking.

Jack: Look, at least you'll have room service with no chickens anywhere. You'll be happier.

Jack: I care about you too. So, be careful with my brother. He doesn't carry a suitcase without expecting something in return.

Paul: That's funny. I told you the last time, I'm not going to tell any fortunes.

Parker: That's not why I'm here.

Paul: Okay, parker, why are you here? Am I your new science experiment?

Brad: The way I see it, I serve an important function. I give my brother the best back-up just by being me. He gets to go around thinking he's so much better than I me, so much more responsible, and that gives him the strength to carry on.

Brad: No, no, not to brag, but for good reason. Okay, just the facts. Just the facts. You go to the hotel room and you sit there by yourself all alone you, you know, you could eat stale nuts from mini bar, watch letterman, and finally turn out the lights and toss and turn all night. Alone. But that would be just a waste of a swanky hotel room, a room service menu and worst of all, the waste of a very, very beautiful woman. And I hate waste.

Luke: Wow, you were a real ray of sunshine.

Meg: The old Craig Montgomery 1, 2, punch. First the excuses then the justifications. "I didn't do it, but if I did, it's no big deal and I had a really good reason for lying about it."

Vienna: Well, let's hope that your second credit card works. It would be too horrible if you were turned down twice.

Katie: I imagine you know all about being turned down.

Katie: Oh, yeah, I was going to ask to borrow your credit card, but I saw you just give it to that -- what would you call him, your escort?

Katie: You're here because you have no place else to go. Let's see, the prince, Simon, Jack -- wow, you're batting zero.

Brad: Check you out. There is nothing I like better than bubbly little blondes making snap judgments.

Katie: Oh, you must be so proud.

Brad: Well, if you'll excuse us, we're going to go have some fun. I mean, did you ever hear of it?

Brad: You know, when we first came in here, I said to myself, why is that beautiful woman sitting all by herself? Now, I know.

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