As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 1/10/07


Provided By Elayna

Paul: Meg, I would never do anything like that.

Meg: Like what? Steal a child? Switch blanks for bullets, hoping a man will die? Lie to me? Poisoning a well is minor league for you, Paul.

Iris: I'll grab a broom.

Adam: Why? You need a ride home?

Iris: Oh, you think you know her better than her own mother?

Adam: Yeah, you know what? The doorman at Lakeview knows her better than you.

Henry: No, no, no, if you want the threads, we're gonna play a little "what's the plan?" It's a great game where you tell me how you're gonna get Carly out of jail right underneath Jack Snyder's nose.

Simon: The less you know at this point the better. Henry, at this point the cops have nothing that's gonna stick on you. I wanna keep it that way.

Henry: Aw, that's sweet. I like this little male bonding were having here, but I've already aided and abetted, so unless you want to do this without pants, you better start talking.

Henry: It's freezing out here. Would you hurry up and change, please?

Simon: What do you think? Much better, right?

Henry: Yeah. The world loves a well-dressed fugitive.

Paul: Am I going crazy?

Barbara: I'd say that in this family, that's a relative term.

Adam: Gwen and I are about her music. That's it. I love my brother.

Iris: Yeah, Cain loved Abel before he stuck it to him.

Adam: Oh, yeah -- you're gonna lecture me about the Bible?

Iris: Hey -- I read the Cliff Notes.

Luke: All right one decaf, two sugars -- no poison.

Paul: If these visions are a gift, can I just return them?

Carly: Is staring some sort of new interrogation technique i never heard of?

Jack: No, I just like the view.

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