As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 1/3/07


Provided By Elayna

Margo: Are you kidding? He's being charged with shooting himself?

Henry: How in the hell did you get in here, anyway? No, no, no, no, no. Don't tell me, don't tell me. I forget, you're Simon Frasier, you're the cat burglar, the jewel thief, the bon vivant. Aren't you supposed to be locked up?

Simon: No, I thought I'd pass.

Henry: You know, the place is crawling with cops. They're all over the lobby.

Simon: I know, unbelievable, I noticed that. That's why I'm going to bunk down here.

Henry: I don't recall inviting you to make yourself at home, Simon.

Simon: Henry, I just need a place to stay till the cops leave.

Henry: There's a laundry chute perfectly available.

Meg: Well, this is your opportunity to thank me.

Craig: Thank you? Thank you for trying to throw me in jail for something I didn't do? I thought you were through with Paul.

Meg: I am.

Craig: Well, then who put you up to this? Emily? How'd she get past those farm-raised morals of yours? Thou shalt not lie? Thou shalt not make a man think that you want him when you don't?

Henry: You're blaming me because you were foolish enough to take my advice?

Craig: Let me just probe around here a little, all right? In the spirit of enlightenment -- so, obviously you were keeping me occupied while Emily was running around with the cops. But there's lots of ways to keep a man like me busy. You could have monkeyed with my car, for example, stranding me in some remote place. But no, you didn't do that. You put on a sexy dress and you kissed me.

Meg: We both know how good you are with cars.

Craig: You kissed me, Meg.

Meg: In the spirit of full disclosure -- you aren't the first.

Katie: I know you think that I've already lost him, but I can't think that way. I need hope, don't you understand?

Henry: I know -- I do, I do, I do. I just can't be a cheerleader right now. I'm all pom-pommed out.

Katie: But I used to be able to get you to do whatever I want.

Henry: Yeah, I guess I just grew a backbone. I'll see you in the morning. Get your purse. That's right, in the morning, we'll have a nice continental breakfast, huh?

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