As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 12/8/06


Provided By Elayna

Henry: What if someone I know sees me?

Katie: You've dressed up as a clown, and a tall, ugly nurse. Why are you suddenly so concerned about wearing a goatee?

Henry: Just a second here. I was never ugly!


Vienna: Wow, so you're here to take my statement?

Henry: Yes, I am. Also, how about your phone number? In case I -- we need to get more details later.


Vienna: You lied to me.

Vienna: Well, I find that very intriguing in a man.

Henry: I lie all the time. I can't seem to stop myself.


Simon: All right, I am not making fun of Jack.

Carly: He was trying to help us.

Simon: What, by accusing us of grand theft?


Jack: The thing is, they weren't Vienna's jewels, so she can't give me an official statement. Only the prince can do that. Henry, what are you doing? You need to stay here in case you need to be a witness.

Henry: Witness to what?

Katie: I don't know. Police incompetence.

Mike: Katie --

Henry: I think you're very competent, for the record.

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