As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 11/13/06


Provided By Elayna

Craig: Yeah, if it weren't for beautiful women getting sick in expensive cars, the detailers would go out of business.

Meg: You have to let me pay for it.

Craig: Don't be ridiculous. Come on, let's get out of this. Come on. I promise I won't look. Much. Kitchen? Just in case you decide to baptize the couch. Feeling better?

Meg: Yeah, I'm so embarrassed. You should go.

Craig: What happened to gratitude, huh? A man lets you throw up on him, and you show him the door?

Meg: What is it about ginger ale when you're sick?

Craig: And old movies, black and white, if you can find them. World War II melodramas. Where everyone is worse off than you are.

Meg: And somehow they still end up looking better than I do.

Craig: Not a chance. Cracker?

Meg: Please tell me that you weren't carrying that around.

Craig: Yes, this is my damsel in distress kit. Feeling better?

Simon: Okay, listen, Carly, I hate to break this to you, but your ex-husband really doesn't scare me. In fact I kind of like him.

Carly: Oh, don't say that.

Simon: Why not? I think he's got an excellent taste of women, for one.

Meg: There are no details. It was a drive-by. He grabbed, I slapped, that was it!

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