As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 8/16/06


Provided By Jennie

Simon: Well, you wowed them. You absolutely blew them away with your designs.
Carly: Well, no. You did, too. Now, you've always talked a good game, but using that power for good, and not evil? I was thoroughly impressed.

Luke: The money, the ring, you -- you are no part of me. I'm a snyder. That's all I've ever been. And it's all I want to be.

Henry: Really? 'Cause hugs and home cooking don't send her off to a frat party. Now, it seems to me she would rather spend time in a room full of pledges burping the alphabet and girls getting sick on cheap wine than hanging out with you.
Louis: I didn't see you stepping up, thank goodness. I could just imagine breakfast -- "Maddie, honey, one olive or two?"

Luke: I know. You know, you could have stopped me. Legally, I mean.
Holden: Yeah. Yeah, I could've.
Luke: So, why didn't you?
Holden: You want to know, why? When I was with your mom, I was thinking about when we were your age, and how we were rebellious, and how we ran away, and all that stuff.
[ Luke laughs ]
Luke: So it runs in the family?

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