As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 8/14/06


Provided By Jennie

Paul: You know, you wouldn't have to work at all if you would just marry me.
Meg: I want to work -- I like working, and you know that.
Paul: Well, it's a good thing because I think I'm developing a rare ailment.
Meg: Oh?
Paul: It requires private duty nursing. I'm getting gout.
Meg: Oh. Well, that hand seems very healthy to me.
Paul: Consumption?
Meg: Then we'd both have to wear masks.
Paul: But at least I'd have you in my apartment all night.
Meg: You, me and the oxygen tank.
Paul: Is that so bad? How 'bout this? I'm getting a psychological illness -- a compulsion. I can't leave my house until I make love with my fiancée.
Meg: But I'm not your fiancée.
Paul: Hmm. You're so beautiful, especially when you turn me down. Why is that?

Dusty: Just untie the knot -- if you can.
Lucy: I know hot to untie a knot.
Dusty: Yeah, you're a real escape artist.
Lucy: I've learned a few things since I left town. How to suture in the dark -- I can even tie a cherry stem in a bow -- with my tongue

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