As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 3/8/06

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Provided By Jennie

Casey: Write fast.
Will: Mr. and Mrs. William Munson.
Casey: Unbelievable, man. Takes guts. All right, now get upstairs.
Gwen: It's okay. Don't worry, its fine.
Casey: His mom blowing through the lobby on her broomstick definitely cause to worry.
Chardonnay: Now what? He's dead weight.
Anatoly: Not a problem.
Chardonnay: Are the boys going to plant a lampshade on his head and carry him out?
Maddie: Hey, hey, off the bed! You're gonna ruin the flowers!
Casey: They're gonna mess them up anyway! That's the only good thing about this deal anyways.
Maddie: What deal?
Casey: Marriage. I mean, Gwen and Will can do it anywhere, any way, any how -- doesn't matter. What, like guys don't think like that?
Will: You should have seen your face.
Gwen: You should have seen your face. Hey, wait -- [In a deep voice] Maybe your mom's throwing her voice.
Will: No, she's not that crazy.
Both: Yes, she is.

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