As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 1/3/06

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Provided By Jennie

Barbara: I finished my song, walked backstage, suddenly had a date.

Jennifer: Mom! That's fantastic. Tell me about it.

Barbara: Nigel. Stockbroker. Very nice. Fabulous kisser.

Jennifer: On the first date?

Barbara: We were bringing in the new year. Everybody was kissing. Oh, did I mention he was younger

Jennifer: How much younger?

Barbara: A little bit older than you. Would you like to meet him, Jen?

Jennifer: I think you're trying to fix me up with your date.

Carly: Jack not only worked with the FBI, but he has loads of awards for the cases that he has solved.

Nick: I'm not surprised.

Carly: And he has saved the lives of everybody in this town at least twice, don't you think, Katie?

Katie: He's saved me five or six times.

Carly: And he caught James Stenback, and James Stenback is almost impossible for anybody to catch.

Jack: Yeah and I did that while I was on one foot twirling a fiery baton. How you doing? I'm Jack Snyder.

Nick: Nick Kasnoff. You're shorter than I expected.

Carly: What?

Nick: From what your wife tells me, I thought you'd at least be 20 feet tall.

Carly: Just let me try and fix --

Jack: No, absolutely not! I know you want to help! I know you want to help. But when you help, you end up getting everybody into trouble.

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