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Hollywood's Holiday Season

By Tommy Garrett, 11/29/07

Hollywood is bracing for very long and difficult negotiations between the Writers Guild Union and the producers, but the word is starting to be that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The situation is fluid and can go in any direction, but many in the industry are hoping that it ends by the first of the year. Daytime writers are not only concerned about their jobs, but their shows themselves. There are soaps like "Passions," "Days of Our Lives," "Guiding Light" and "One Life To Live" that have been on life support ratingswise for several years now. And the public has tired of the drama that is going on in Hollywood, so we are all hoping that the strike ends in weeks not months and that these shows and other daytime dramas can continue uninterrupted or written badly by scabs.

Rumors are rampant that after the strike is over, CBS and Sony will be firing "Y&R's" Executive Producer and Head Writer, Ms. Lynn Marie Latham. I saw her today, and you would not think she thought it for a second. She was all smiles and seemed unconcerned. Latham hasn't lasted long at any daytime show since her heyday on CBS Primetime's hit drama "Knots Landing." I've not been a huge fan of her work on "Y&R" but she should be given credit for moving the once slow paced "Y&R" to a better pace to watch. The storylines, however, and her choices of whom to ax on air have been awful. Michael Logan, of TV Guide, thinks that she's ruined the show since being there.

Primetime Television is also riveted by this story. Stars like "Brothers and Sisters" Sally Field and Rob Lowe, as well as stars from "Grey's Anatomy" and "Desperate Housewives" have taken to the streets and are trying to support the writers who are picketing for better benefits and fair compensation for their work. So it's a much different strike than before. Ellen DeGeneres has received hate mail because she continues filming her show, but her motto is, "The show must go on." None of the primetime show writers have dared to cross the picket lines, and shows like "24" are even wondering if they'll air their episodes already in the can, in fear of the strike lasting longer than the six weeks or so episodes they have already filmed.

The winner of "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC could not be predicted. This is reality television at its best. Never a fan of it before, I was sad that long time pal Cameron Mathison didn't win. But that's show business, folks.

Tommy Garrett is a columnist for Canyon Newspaper, San Francisco News, is an international radio show host, television show host - for the syndicated "Hollywood Classics," a press agent and has authored "So, You Want To Be In Pictures: The Making of Hollywood Idols," The Making of Hollywood Stars, and "Letters from a Known Woman: Joan Fontaine." Garrett is currently completing his first fictional novel for the holidays.

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Please buy Tommy's book Letters From A Known Woman: Joan Fontaine
by Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Note: the opinions of the author do not necessarily reflect the opinion of The TV MegaSite or any of its other volunteers.

Page updated 12/27/11

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