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Life in Entertainment

By Tommy Garrett, 10/19/05

Young and Restless

No, not the daytime show. I am discussing the young actors and actresses who are trying to become major players in the industry today, who seem to forget it's all about work. Paris Hilton is the first and most famous one that has not taken any acting lessons; she just likes to go to parties and be famous for being famous. Then there is Lindsay Lohan, a child star that has lots of talent and is beautiful, but who won't remain steady or disciplined. She is also out partying every night, and having car accidents, like it's just a joke. The biggest danger she has is that she will become known as a bad girl only and not be taken seriously as an actress.

That is what happened to Tori Spelling over a decade ago, and youth is fleeting. No matter how famous or beautiful you are, the day will come when your craft will have to sustain you. Kirstend Dunst is dancing around from man to man-- Jake this week, Orlando next. She was sensational as a little girl in "Interview with the Vampire" over a decade ago, but now it's time to settle down and find serious roles, not the drab and romantic comedy, "Elizabethtown."

I think so many of these youngsters have bad advice and bad handlers, or they would be working to become the next Johnny Depp and yes, Demi Moore. Demi spent her youth working. Yes, working! She may not be Julia Roberts today as a leading lady, but she comes closer than most. She is, however, considered an actress, not an aging wannabe. That is unfortunately going to be the way of so many of the young stars today who are throwing away their future.

Check back next week for another article!

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by Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

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