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By Tommy Garrett, 7/13/05

Why is TV so loud lately? I tried to watch CBS's longest running daytime drama, "Guiding Light" the other day, and all I could hear was screaming in each scene. Why is it when the writing is lacking, the yelling becomes evident ? This has, in the past, been one of the best daytime dramas on the tube, but lately new Executive Producer Ellen Wheeler seems like she's trying to pull the Days of Our Lives and Passions plots to make up for bad writing (and from what I can tell, bad acting as well). Thank god Kim Zimmer did not win the Emmy this past season, though I think Kassie DePaiva should have won instead of her "One Life to Live" costar Erika Slezak.

I hear the new season for "Desperate Housewives" is in the process of being filmed right now. I hear that Eva Longoria will return in the new season without her gardener, but sexier than ever. I hope that they use the talented and beautiful Felicity Huffman. Last season she was not used as much as so many of us would have liked. Marcia Cross was, in my opinion, the best of the actresses with storylines, but Nicolette Sheridan was also superb.

Tom Cruise came out fighting (well, this time on the big screen). Thank you, Tom, for such a great performance in "War of the Worlds."  I hope he keeps his fighting spirit to the big screen from now on, instead of wasting so much time insulting Brooke Shields and others. Saying on TODAY, "Look where Brooke's career has gone" demeans all working women. Most good mothers take a break from whatever career they have in order to be good mothers, and thank goodness Brooke was smart enough to get help when she needed it.  Maybe she and Rowan are alive today because of her smart thinking. Actors should stay out of politics and yes, psychiatry, and stick to what they do best: performing!

Tommy Garrett is a columnist for Laurel Canyon News in Beverly Hills and an entertainment publicist for ICONS Public Relations.

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Please buy Tommy's book Letters From A Known Woman: Joan Fontaine
by Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Note: the opinions of the author do not necessarily reflect the opinion of The TV MegaSite or any of its other volunteers.

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