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Life in Entertainment

By Tommy Garrett, 7/6/05

Tommy Garrett is a writer and entertainment publicist who has worked with many daytime and primetime stars, and the golden era stars. He's become an expert lecturer on the history of Hollywood and movies. He represents soap star Constance Towers (Helena, GH) and many others.  Tommy is also a columnist for Laurel Canyon Newspaper in Beverly Hills, California. We are honored to have him join our site!

Movies, Primetime television and of course soaps will be our focus every week. The industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and there are some good and bad things about it. This column will try to make the most of the good stuff and dispel the bad stuff as quickly as possible.

I am ecstatic that this year's movie epics have been successful. Hollywood has always done epics so well: Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz (both in 1939), not to mention Titanic in 1998, and so many in between.  Batman Begins seems to have captured my attention, even more so than War of the Worlds, Spielberg's greatest epic since ET. Batman Begins brought the series franchise back to where it began. Everyone remembers the campy Clooney version or the version with Val Kilmer (who knew how pretty he was but lacked acting skills, of which he is not normally guilty).  Kilmer is usually one of the best actors of his generation.  Christian Bale, the new Batman, has been sensational, not just on the silver screen but in promoting this great movie as well. He was surprisingly articulate during the promotional process, aware of his role and of the importance of the movie to the Batman franchise. I hope that when they remake this great drama again that they will look no further than this guy to do it again.

John O'Hurley has proved to his fans what charm he has. The former Seinfeld star has been brilliant and funny on Dancing with the Stars. ABC finally found a hit that is not if only they could think of what to do with General Hospital. They have turned a great show into the "mobster hour". No disrespect is meant to the brilliant Maurice Benard. He is always great--fresh and sensational.  However, they need to stick to more of the romance and high drama of Sonny, Luke, Skye and Helena. They get caught up in the youth stories and trust me, without Kristina Wagner, there is no Maxie heart storyline. This show needs to get out of the rut of the past and move on to the future. Miss Phelps is not Wendy Riche!

The Young and the Restless made all of us sad with the death of Cassie Newman., but the storyline potential has really snowballed now.  There are just so many directions the show is going in and all make perfect sense. Glad to see Joshua Morrow in this heavy drama, but hey ,writers and producers, don't forget, the ladies love seeing his dimples as well, and that smile. Let Eric Braeden give us the heavy drama, as Victor Newman.

Check back next week for another article!

Please buy Tommy's book Letters From A Known Woman: Joan Fontaine
by Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Note: the opinions of the author do not necessarily reflect the opinion of The TV MegaSite or any of its other volunteers.

Page updated 12/27/11

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