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ABC Soap Fashion!

Written 10/5/03 by Suzanne originally for Bella Online

Whoever is styling the male hair on General Hospital ought to be fired. It's just awful. Come on, look at Jason, Zander, Dillon, or even Alcazar--they look like they just woke up, or in some cases, like they put their heads in a blender. And the older characters, who tend to have receding hairlines, have very unflattering styles that make them look unattractive, like Ned, Stefan, and sometimes even Sonny. This show has some of the best-looking men on daytime, but it seems like the hair people there hate them or are very jealous and want to make them look bad.

Other ABC soaps don't seem to have nearly this problem. On One Life to live, the only guy with funky hair is least he is a rebellious teen so it makes more sense. Roxy has bizarre hair but that fits her character. I thought Dorian had a very ugly hairstyle a while back but it is not a common thing for her. I can't think of anyone with weird hair on All My Children. On Port Charles, they have been a little more out-there, but then the whole show is out-there, so it fits in more. Jamal, Jack, and Rafe had all had some pretty strange styles at times. But it's kept to the younger people; you don't see Ian, Victor, or Kevin with chia-heads.

One thing that is weird on OLTL sometimes it the clothing styles. That yellow and black shirt that Rex was wearing for many episodes is the ugliest thing I've ever seen on TV. It was some weird yellow pattern with big black slashes on it. Yuk! Jen often has some bizarre outfits, especially when she is the "bad girl". I thought the week that Al died, the outfit Marcie was wearing was pretty, but not flattering at all to her. She is chubby, let's face it, so putting her in light-colored pants and then having the camera follow her backside as she walks away is a really bad idea. I don't wear light-color pants and neither do most fat chicks I know! LOL! We wear dark clothing because we think it's slimming... Next they'll be putting her in horizontal stripes!

Page updated 12/27/11

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