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What's going on with my soaps!

Written 7/25/03 by Suzanne originally for Bella Online

I have to admit that I mostly watch the ABC soaps. Those are the ones I first started watching, and letís face it, itís easier to just watch one lineup rather than switching channels, even in this day and age. Fact is, I tape them ALL. But itís the ABC ones I make sure to keep up on.

I really do enjoy ATWT, GL, Y&R and Days. But there are only so many hours in the day. Right now I am two weeks behind even on the ABC ones and trying to catch up! I have Soapnet so I can tape them all, thank goodness. Port Charles is the only one I am completely caught up on because I just love it.

I did tune in yesterday to see Roger Howarth on ATWT, but then the show was interrupted by a lame national news story. So much for that idea! Maybe if Soapnet carried CBS soaps, Iíd be more into those, but I donít know.

Of the ABC soaps, PC is by far the best. Itís a real shame they are canceling it. It has great stories and is very fast-paced. You never know what is going to happen next (something I canít say about other shows because they are very predictable). Virtually every day is like a Friday cliffhanger. They may have occasional plot holes, and if you donít like supernatural stuff then you wouldnít like PC, but the rest of the writing makes up for anything. Me, I love shows like Star Trek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so PC is great for me.

General Hospital has traditionally been my favorite and itís the first one I started watching. I always love the characters and itís probably got the second best writing. I love Maurice Benard and I would probably tune in just to watch him read a book (silently, to himself!). I like a lot of the other characters and stories as well. I know people complain about the ďmobster stuffĒ but really very little is about mobster activities. What they really mean is, they want less airtime for Sonny-Carly-Jason-Courtney-Ric-Faith et al. because for whatever reason, they donít like them. Or they want to see their old favorites more. The show has a huge cast and in order to focus on these characters and a few others, they no longer write for Tony, Bobbie, Mac, and the rest of our old favorites.

All My Children is my next favorite. It has its ups and downs, especially the past year with constant writer changes. I am enjoying the relationship between Jack and Erica, and between Erica and her daughters. Iím glad that Tad is seen more now. I like Fusion for the most part. I think they are making an honest effort to get rid of characters and stories that they feel arenít working. The show has a lot of great humor in its dialogue to balance out the seriousness of rape, losing a child, etc.

I think the writing is basically great on OLTL, but between all of the Mitch Lawrence stuff and all of the recasts, I find the characters kind of boring. I like Marcie and Al, and Max and Roxy. Iím looking forward to Cris and Natalieís wedding. I can really take or leave the rest. Who cares about these two new teens? It would have been better to introduce one of them gradually, someone very charismatic, and keep them around for a few months, interacting with the other characters. Then bring on the other person. I am sick of Blair/Walker/Dorian. I used to like Blair and Dorian but this Walker stuff stinks. I want to see Viki and Ben back (recast the actor!). I donít like the new Kevin. I do like the new Joey and heís okay with Jen. I am not enjoying Gabrielle and Bo fighting, or watching Troy go downhill. And the show has no humor in it whatsoever. The occasional fantasy episode does not make up for the rest of the dreariness.

The only thing that I can say that I donít like about most of the shows is that they all seem to feel they have to have an evil bad guy (sometimes more than one) and a lot of violence. It didnít used to be that way on soaps, so itís kind of depressing now. We have Michael Cambias on AMC, we had Mitch on OLTL, and all sorts of baddies on GH like Faith, Ric and Alcazar. I know the writers like writing them and the actors like playing them, but there is just too much violence and evil bad guys on soaps. Where is the romance, and the relationships between people and their families? Fast-paced doesnít have to be unrealistic. Port Charles has bad guys, too, but they seemed to balance it better with the relationships, and the villains are usually humorous and/or sympathetic. The heroes are not dummies like they tend to be on other shows. But I wonít give up on my shows no matter what....

Now, if only there were another 24 hours in the day, I could watch all of the other soaps regularly! :)

Page updated 12/27/11

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