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ABC Fan February Episodes

Written 2/27/03 by Suzanne originally for Bella Online

This month the ABC soaps (all except PC) each did a "Fan" episode, where the writers gave us a fantasy episode involving what fans want. One of them actually succeeded, for the most part (the other two failed).

All My Children was the first and best of the three. They know that we want to see our old favorites, like Tad, Erica, Joe, et al. They realized we want to see Brooke and Edmund together, and we want to see Tad paired up with just about anybody (or everybody, as this episode showed us! LOL!!). We want to see Adam get his comeuppance. We want to see Bianca act less goody-goody, and Kendall get along with Erica. We want to see Erica taken down a peg or two. What we don't want to see is a bunch of new people and a bunch of teenagers. This was a very funny episode. I could add that what we DON'T want to see is the actor's over-acting (like they did, for the most part, in this episode), or silly stories that make no sense. I guess it was too much to ask for them to show an engaging story where all of the main characters were used. Or Bianca in a love scene with a girl! And I did miss Greenlee, Trey, Palmer, and Maggie. But otherwise, it was an entertaining episode.

One Life to Live's writers shouldn't have bothered, because what they are showing on the screen every day is pretty much what we want to see (or at least I do). They already did a fantasy episode on Valentine's day, so having another one was kind of redundant. Instead of showing us a "what if" show, they did some silly movie spoofs that had nothing to do with the show (as clever as some of them were). What was everyone's favorite? Why, the western one, of course, because we got to see Clint! And Natalie and Clint actually met! I don't think we viewers really want to see the Vega brothers playing Matrix with Flash, although the skin-tight outfits were nice, as well as seeing Jen as the villain again. The Lindsay and Tad thing was very "cute", but I'd rather see them together in a real story. Troy was pointless in the scene. It was nice to see Nora and Lindsay be friends, but not at the cost of either woman's intelligence. And those hairstyles, what were they thinking? Ugh. It was fun to see Starr and Blair singing together, but the story sucked, especially Todd's part.

What do we really want to see on One Life to Live? More of what they are giving us now. Good writing and our favorite characters! Nora getting her spine and brain back. Her and Bo back together (at least at work). More of Gabi and Bo. More of Todd and Blair (please let them work things out!). More of Viki and her family. I'm not sure that bringing back ALL of the Buchanans is the answer, nor bringing back Victor and Mitch. We'll just have to wait and see.

I enjoyed parts of General Hospital's fantasy episode. It was all about Sonny, and I like him a lot. But do the writers really think we need to see a mostly-Sonny show, when that's what the day-to-day show is about? Most people I know would prefer to have more story about our old favorites like The Quartermaines, Tony, Mac, et al. What is the name of this show, anyway? Is it The Corinthos Show? Is it Mobsters, Inc.? No, it's General Hospital. Yet the only time we see the hospital is when Sonny or Jason get shot! I enjoyed seeing the Quartermaines, but why is it that every time we see them, they have to be arguing like they are all hopped up on something? It's too silly. They act like real people when they are separate, but together, they are like cardboard stereotypes. Nobody bickers ALL the time. They didn't used to be that way. At least we didn't see Courtney in this episode; I am getting tired of her...

A real fan fantasy episode would have the show be about the hospital, with a well-integrated story involving all of the characters like Luke, Nikolas, Felicia, the Quartermaines, et al. And once a week, we would see a love scene with Sonny and Carly, Sonny and Alexis, or Sonny and Brenda. That's what the fans really want :)

Page updated 12/27/11

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