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Written 2/22/03 by Suzanne originally for Bella Online

A letter to ABC Daytime President Brian Frons...

Hi! I am a long-time viewer of the abc soaps (since 1984).

I would like to ask you to please not dump Sam Page from AMC (Trey). He is a good actor and *cute*; he just needs better definition of his character (like so many of the characters on AMC!).

As for writing, I know you don't write the show, but please pass this on to them... I know you have influence:

I hope you continue to improve the show and give Adam, Tad, Liza, Erica, Anna, David, et al. more to do. I hope you ultimately keep Erica and Chris together; Jackson is very boring. I wish you could bring Dimitri back, as he is very popular and gives Edmund more family, not to mention he is great with Erica. I am not that fond of some of the newer characters like Janelle, Reggie, and Carlos, but I do think it's a good idea to have more ethnic characters. I first liked the idea of Fusion because it brought a lot of characters together to give them something to do, and I like Greenlee and Kendall as friends. But having them all ogle the maintenance guy and make lewd jokes was not only really tacky, but in this day-and-age, they would have a sexual harrassment lawsuit on their hands. And it was borderline racist to make fun of his speech.

I thought that the guy who played JR was given a bad time because they put him in a front-burner story without letting him learn how to act or where he fit in. I heard he wasn't being recast, which is a shame because the character has a lot of potential with his mother being dead and his father being Adam. You should bring back one of the last two actors who played him because they were great.

I love some of the new characters such as Lysistrata and Michael. Can't stand Boyd, Lena, Laurie, or Joni.

It's a shame you can't get Claire Labine to write the show as she was great when she wrote GH and OLTL (and of course Ryan's Hope). That would make this show great again to rival the other great ABC soaps.

OLTL has been fantastic and I applaud you all!! With bringing back the Buchanans, you should try to bring back Kevin Stapleton (the best Kevin ever!) and Mel (even though he is dead; hey, it worked for Mitch and Victor). They were two guys who got ousted by those new producers and writers who came in a few years ago and ruined the show (the mess you are cleaning up now). They were fantastic characters. I'm really enjoying this show now so THANK YOU!!

GH continues to be great. I love Sonny, but I know a LOT of old-time GH fans who won't watch the show any more because too much of it is about Sonny/Carly/Jason/Courtney. They can't stand the mobster stuff and want their hospital back. I think more of a balance would be great. I know there are a lot of "old people" on the show, but it would be great if the writers could use more of Alan, Monica, Lila, Tony, Mac, etc. along with the younger people. I think it was totally classless how Audrey was fired and some of the others were put on recurring status. GH is my favorite show and probably always will be, and I'm mostly enjoying the show a lot. But I do have occasional problems with the writing, such as taking good guys and turning them into either bad guys, or total jerks, overnight (Ned, Jax, and Elizabeth especially). The show has always been character-driven and should stay that way.

PC is awesome right now and I hope it stays that way. No real complaints; there are some occasional story things that don't make a lot of sense, but in general the story moves along at a great pace and keeps me wondering what will happen next. Almost every episode evokes a "Wow!" reaction. I still don't understand why ABC can't force all of its affiliates to air the show, and at a regular time slot. I visit San Diego a lot and it shows at 1:40am! I think it would be way up in the ratings if not for these problems. ABC should threaten to take their affiliate status away or something if they don't go along with the lineup.

Thanks for listening and keep up the great work!

Page updated 12/27/11

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