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Some Thoughts on The Soaps

Written 6/20/04 by Suzanne originally for Bella Online

Here are various thoughts I've had lately about the shows!

All My Children

I am really loving the twist and turns of the whole baby-switch storylines (I know some fans don't like it, though). I didn't like the whole Erica-as-Vegas-Showgirl storyline (Frankly, it was stupid) but I am enjoying it since Erica started her downward slide, and since Zachery appeared. I'm glad other Pine Valley residents are getting involved, too. Which will happen first: Erica gets sober, or Binks gets Miranda back?

As The World Turns

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Barbara and Walker together! They are so hot! How great that they give an "older woman" a story AND a romance with a hot young guy (are you listening, other shows?)? I know Tom and Margo fans are not liking her dalliance with the new guy, but let's hope it gives Margo and Tom some great story. They need shaking up after being happy all this time. The rest of the show is going great, as usual. For those of you who complain about bad stories on other soaps, why aren't you watching this one??

Bold & The Beautiful

It's about time they gave the Forresters something to's great to bring back Kristen and Felicia. Darla and Thorne's wedding was A-dor-a-ble!! When is the last time I saw a soap wedding with no interruptions? Um....maybe never....and great use of history to have Sally and Darla reminiscing about Saul before the wedding.

Days of Our Lives (or is that Days of Our Fake Deaths?)

If I were a long-time fan who loved this show, I would be pretty ticked off by now. I thought they were being really daring by killing off major characters (even though I didn't like that they were getting rid of so many over-40's) and making the show's heroine the serial killer...then they turn it around and negate the whole thing by having it all be fake. UGH!! Is anyone left watching? Kudos to them for stealing Robyn Richards from GH (to play Belle after Kirsten Storms leaves). Once again they get a great under-used actor from GH and give them story! GH deserves it for how they treat their actors (badly, in case you were wondering).

General Hospital

I enjoyed the silly romp in Italy...I like Jax and Courtney together. Did anyone really think Sonny was dead for even a split second? How many times has that man been shot? He has more holes than...GH plotlines!! I am not thrilled with the Lois recast so far. She seems to be trying too hard to imitate the speech patterns (and forgetting to act). I loved her on ATWT as Molly so I'm hoping she'll grow into it. I love Brook Lynn to death and what a great voice!!!

Guiding Light

We're all crossing our fingers that the new writers will breathe life into the show. The cast changes and firings so far have been a step in the right direction. This is pretty much GL's last chance, from what I've heard, to shape up or be canceled. Let's hope daytime's oldest soap is not going to die! I love the great cast and the rich history. Now let's see some great stories, too...

One Life to Live

I'm enjoying the show, for the most part. Sometimes they have the characters do stupid things (like, why would Paul and Kelly run away from that mobster AFTER the gun went off and shot him? Shouldn't they have knocked him over the head then and tied him up? And Kelly really just ran off and potentially left a gunman in Asa's house, where her baby was sleeping??) but mostly I like it. I have to wonder, couldn't they have waited a few weeks to kill off Ben, to see whether Mark Derwin wanted to come back (since his primetime show JUST got canceled)?? Seems like very bad timing.


FINALLY they are tying up loose ends and giving us answers to questions we've waited so long to's about damn time! And wasn't it great when Sheridan finally remembered Luis' love? But, for how long, you have to wonder....and, will they ever get even a minute's happiness? And I still want her to remember that Beth kidnapped her, and get her baby back. I hope we don't have to wait ANOTHER 5 years for that one!

Young & The Restless

Great to have Danny and Mac back. The stories are all so rich and intertwined on this show, and the performances are A+. It really deserved that Emmy and gets better every day. Kudos!!!

Page updated 12/27/11

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