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Old Stars are New Again

Written 4/4/04 by Suzanne originally for Bella Online

There's something strange going on right now with CBS soaps...last year they were accused of "stealing" stars from ABC. This year they are hiring all of these actors and actresses that starred in primetime soaps back in the 70's and 80's!

It actually started last year when they hired Joan Collins (Dynasty) to play Alex on Guiding Light (Unfortunately, she was let go) and Jack Wagner (Melrose Place) for Bold & The Beautiful. It became a trend when Lorenzo Lamas (Falcon Crest) was hired to play Hector on B&B. Then they brought in Linda Grey (Dallas) to play Samantha's mother on the same show. Next, Joan Van Ark was tagged to join the Y&R cast. It would be great to see other favorites like Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal, Ted Shackelford, Donna Mills, Michelle Lee, Susan Sullivan, David Selby, Linda Evans, Ken Kercheval, and Robert Foxworth. I suppose some of those people consider themselves too "good" for daytime soaps, or they are busy starring in Lifetime movies. I'd even settle for Nicolette Sheridan and Steve Kanaly!

ABC did snag Kevin Dobson (Knots Landing) for OLTL, but they really didn't make any story for him, so they let him go. Apparently only CBS knows how to write for over-40 stars! Not a surprise, really, considering that NBC and ABC only seem to know how to kill off their older actors, or put them on recurring status until we never see them at all.

Perhaps in ten years, we'll start seeing the stars of Beverly Hills 90210 and The O.C.! That would be great.

Besides primetime stars, CBS has been bringing back some old favorites, and that's been fun to watch. I enjoyed seeing Taylor's "ghost" on B&B when Hunter Tylo returned and I'm really looking forward to seeing James (Ian Buchanan) return in April for a few episodes. I don't know why more shows don't bring back our favorites when they can (especially when it's clear that they are sorely missed). ATWT ought to bring back Cass, Marley and Donna...okay, they were Another World stars, but they did appear on ATWT a few times. It's a real shame they killed off Jake so now there is very little reason to bring the others back. Perhaps Molly can get some visits from them?

I know that some people like to see "new faces", but I find comfort in seeing familiar faces on my TV, especially my soaps. They don't all have to be old, but I do like seeing actors that I like, and people with a few lines on their faces (and acting experience on their resume), rather than a bunch of young, fresh, faces that just look pretty but can't do much else.

Rock on, old stars!

Page updated 12/27/11

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