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Kaydee's Soap Review #7

Greetings, Soaplings:

       Out of respect for what last week represented to our country, I have written a special commemoration review. I thank you for taking the time out to share your time with me...

Kaydee's Special Commemoration Message:

Hello, readers.

Since the shows for September 11th were pre-empted to allow the broadcast of the commemoration ceremonies, I am using my review space to bring you something different in honor of the memorial services. This, Kammi Mullan and family, is for you and all of those who suffered great personal loss first and foremost.

There will be no sarcastic jokes, no character-bashing, no Llanview or Port Charles Comedy Hour. Despite all that I do to bring humor to you in my reviews, we all know that that day was the anniversary of something that no American will ever be able to look back and laugh about.

Just as I did one year ago, I started my day watching endless broadcasts of September 11th. Only this time, the endless broadcasts were not repeated airings of super-sized jets deliberately crashing into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, they were now endless broadcasts of the survivors of the victims who lost their lives that day.

Although there was clearly a nationwide healing process in progress, there were also the recollective stories told by those strangers who have become force-fed icons of familiarity to America's households with the continuous week-long airings of the events, and the talk shows that have made them celebrities.

No, they didn't become superstars in the same sense as Britney Spears, or The Backstreet Boys, they were people we never forgot because they told their stories over and over again to reporters and talk show hosts, making them a daily part of the images in our minds. They were the widows of firefighters, the families of police officers, the mothers who delivered brand new babies without fathers, or the survivors of the passengers aboard one of the four fateful flights of 9/11 who had an outstanding story to tell.

This year, even with the steps taken to begin healing, the raw pain and anger is alive and well. I dressed my  first-grader and my Kindergartener for school, wondering how to explain all of this madness to them, and there were no answers. Later, as I prepared my Preschooler for HER day at school, I still had no answers.

As I walked her to school, I realized that I am just damned ANGRY! I am angry that there are three thousand or so sets of families and friends that will gather at Ground Zero every year to mourn the senseless massacre, in the name of healing, and that number only accounts for the survivors of the VICTIMS! There's still the countless remainder of the nation to remember!

I am ticked off that I have to spend every year trying to console my young children, who have been briefed in their classrooms about such an adult tragedy, but are really crying because all they understand is that their MOMMY's crying.

I hate that this evil, soulless, MURDERER caused such a senseless tragedy in the name of "Allah". What god does HE serve that would find honor in such an abominable taking of lives? And what group of simple-minded insecure idiots could be convinced that to KILL THEMSELVES while KILLING others is honorable?

It was the first time in my life that I wanted to go out and find someone and inflict some tormenting bodily harm...

But then I realized something...through all of the endless tears that I have shed today and in the last twelve months

Through all of the times when I looked up into a beautiful, clear blue sky with wisps of fluffy white clouds and envisioned that any moment a large jet plane would come crashing down into SOMETHING, I realized this...

WE are the truly powerful ones. Us. The mothers and fathers, the regular civilians. The non-militia.

WE have the power to honor Michael Mullan, and the rest of the many heroes who sacrificed their lives for us. We have the power to teach our children, or our neighbor's children that there is no honor in hate.

It's a time-consuming emotion that makes you lose focus on your goals and prevents you from being the best that you can be. There's no light at the end of the Prejudice Tunnel, by the time you reach the other side, your life has passed you by.

The only true power is to stand strong as a nation, a team and as individuals. We can do it, we proved that this past year. The only way to get the most out of life is to realize that tomorrow is not guaranteed, and instead of spending time seeking revenge, or dwelling on all that we don't have, let's take the time out to REALLY enjoy what we DO have..right now, right here.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I thank you for being loyal readers, and I hope that I have reached all of you. From my family to yours...

God bless.

As usual, you can forward your thoughts and comments to me at

Page updated 12/27/11

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