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Greetings, Soaplings!

Well, another week has passed and we have yet again suffered through some edge-of-our-seats experiences. This week's topic focuses mainly on General Hospital, with some mentions of Port Charles: TORN, and a little bit of OLTL.

Is it me, folks, or has Kristina Cassidine taken the meaning of "nosy little sister" to an obnoxious higher level? Again, the writers have lost their minds when they wrote in the computer chip that makes this Go-Bot tick! I have seen some siblings who have stepped over the line and divulged information about their relatives that didn't concern them, but this woman has not only stormed into the Quartermaines' mansion with a bag of Ned's clothes, with the intention of blabbing her private business, (and that of her sister's) about throwing him out.

Oh, and another piece of unbelievable storyline?? She threw Ned out of HIS own apartment, after inviting HERSELF to move in!!

Then there's Carly Corinthos..(sigh), another basket case. Here is a woman that spent all of her "Sonny" days trying to get the man, and keep him. Turns out, she became pretty well-rounded when she left him and started her club. Okay, now, she spends her time concocting plans for the mother of her husband's unborn child, AFTER doing everything she can to make the man she wants go away with a restraining order, a seduction attempt on his best friend, and going to the police to have him arrested then released.

Yes, I know, I'm making myself dizzy!

Port Charles' Livvie is another sore spot with me. Why is it that every character that we love has been completely transformed into MONSTERS?? I mean, okay, everyone has a little mean streak in them, and maybe the writers want to add a little twist to the characters to spice them up, but, jeez, these aren't little twists! These are people stepping into transformation chambers as Steven Q. Urkel and emerging Stephan Urquel!

Livvie was a sweet girl with a heart of gold, best friend to Allison, loyal lover to Jack, best friend to Jamal. She stepped into the Vampires' Den, and has been Livvie Borden ever since! Her mission as of late seems to border on competing for the top spot in the Underworld Man-Stealing Pageant! Jeez, wasn't being the former kept Vampire Babe enough? Now you want to steal your best friend's Angel man, too? Port Charles, which is yet another innovative, explosive show that has introduced the Supernatural, Time Travel, Bombings, Heaven and Earth habitants, and many other original exciting, attention-grabbing storylines to the daytime genre is now becoming a three-ring celestial boxing ring, in which Livvie can resort to classic soap opera tricks, and yet again, no one ever has a clue.

One Life To Live..(tisk, tisk..)

NIKI..GO! Jen, sail away! Al...go, go, go play with matches in front of a gas pump!!

What is wrong with these kids??? Molly , twits! Does ANY child in the soaps have parents these days? Al runs around town stalking people, setting houses on fire, faking paralysis..(what did I miss?)

Shawna goes around working for RJ, setting up professors, and non-professors, she gets "F"'s for her grades, and she's still FREE to walk around campus and wreak MORE havoc on campus?

Forget cutting off her allowance, grab a switch and give her that long overdue spanking she missed as a kid! Hey , better you than the police, right?

On a lighter side, there are some very favorable mentions to give..

To Kassie Depaiva, for her eternally amazing performances as Blair. Although she is annoying me in her matchmaking storyline..(not your fault, Kassie, the writing is wasting your talents' worth!)
I must applaud her most heart-touching performances as Blair with Starr. The scenes between Blair and Starr are outstanding, tear-jerking and humorous at times. I am very happy with the skilled writing that has kept Starr with the Manning offspring sass that makes her Todd's child, but has also showed that sweet little girl side that every child has. BRAVO! To you and Kirsten Alderson!!

In general, folks, there's a plague going around in our frequency channels. It has turned our shows into things that the Stepford Wives would watch and believe, and we have to find that cure..QUICK! Tune in next week, folks!

Please forward your comments .  I look forward to hearing from you and responding to your feedback about the issues on our soaps.

Page updated 12/27/11

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