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Daytime Emmys 2004
By Kelly

The Daytime Emmys.. probably my favorite award show of the year. General Hospital came out on top but the one person that I was truly rooting for, Nancy Lee Grahn, did not win. I actually screamed in anger when Michelle Stafford won. I suppose one would say that the reason Nancy didnít win this year is because of the fact that she didnít have a large body of work. Or, in the words of Nancy herself ďIt [the nomination] came as a big surprise for I did not have the body of work last year from which to select entry scenes as I had the year before.Ē Well, that sure isnít her fault now, is it? The writers need to give more scenes to her so that she can submit them and win a well-deserved Emmy!

The tribute that they gave to Anna Lee seemed like a disgrace to me. If memory serves me correctly, they usually show scenes of the personís work. However, Anna Lee seemed to receive the short end of the stick. They showed a picture of her and had her son speak for far too short a time. I hope that General Hospital sees to it that she is respected by at least mentioning it on an upcoming episode.

Vanessa Marcil as host.. Interesting. I hate her outfit and I thought the opening monologue kind of sucked. But hey, sheís a pretty big star and whoever does the hiring is pretty lucky that they got her to host. "Has anyone seen Peter Fonda?" Huh? I didnít get that one!

Now, on to the clothing: Best Dressed General Hospital Female Star I would have to say is a tie between Cynthia Preston and Alicia Leigh Willis. They both looked wonderful. It was nice to see her wearing something other than black. Best Dressed Male: Oh My God!  Tyler Christopher looked absolutely stunning. That man is gorgeous. Side note: Did he have to be chewing gum while presenting? How very unappealing. Worst Dressed Male would definitely have to be Scott Clifton. I did not like the whole bow thing. Heís young and should dress a little more modern. Worst Dressed Female would have to be Kassie De Paiva. Okay, I realize that she isnít from GH but my God that dress was ugly! Actually, I thought that everyone was dressed pretty classy this year. Everyone was shimmering.

 I couldnít have been happier when Rick Hearst won. He was great this year! It looked like Tamara was pretty happy to see him win also. It looked like she was crying more than his own wife was. I loved that Tony Geary won the Emmy this year. I love that man! His hair may not have been combed but I donít care. Heís a fine actor.

I guess thatís all until next year.

Page updated 12/27/11

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