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Kaydee's Soap Review #16

Greetings, Soaplings!!

I want to begin by thanking those of you who took the time out to write me with words of care and assuring me of your continuing support in my absence.

My children have been ill back and forth for nearly three weeks, and three of my four are to undergo tonsillectomies, so there have been numerous pre-surgery appointments to get to, and we're not through yet. Again, thank you for the caring words and understanding. Suzanne, thanks for being a super great boss!

Now, let's get started on Llanview, hm?

I begin with some thumbs up and down for Llanview.


To Marcie and Al: GREEEEEEAAAAATTT performances from these two actors, especially in light of the serious topic they are tackling. Marcie had always been so annoying to me as Jen's maidservant, but watching her tell Jen that everything isn't about her was the highlight of my viewership! I am also enjoying the restoration of Al's qualities. Nathaniel Marsten is indeed a very talented performer, and now that he has some meaningful material to work with, his talents can be used in their fullest capacity.

To Roxy and Nigel:

WHAT A RIOT!!!! Never in my wildest imagination could I have created such comedy! Nigel and Roxy's hypnosis-induced love affair has been something that keeps me in stitches EVERY TIME they're onscreen. I don't know about you, but I especially enjoy how they go for each other's throats at the sound of a snap! My particular favorite was when Nigel told her that she was having a bad hair day and she chased him around the pillar with a stick. Ilene has been one of my favorite actresses since her days on "Ryan's Hope", and she continues to deliver non-stop, entertaining performances, no matter who she portrays. Hey, writers, here's a suggestion, keep the romance for real, without hypnosis, and put Marcie and Al together. It would be REFRESHING, (remember that word in my previous articles and recaps?)

To TPTB: For finally letting Loonsey's insanity be a matter of public legal record! We all knew that she is definitely operating on some missing brainscrews, it's about time that you let the Llanview residents and viewers in on the "secret" publicly. Catherine Hickland is another talented actress who could play any role well, but LINDSAY is more likeable as a mentally-incapacitated patient.. She has more morals as a legally insane person than as a free civilian.


To Carlotta:

The world's most snottiest, judgmental, loneliest, jealous, unrealistically-sanctimonious WITCH of a mom! When are the writers going to get a CLUE? Hello??? Enough with this woman! Antonio finally got the guts to tell his mom to take a flying leap off of the San Juan beach cliff, and thankfully Cristian is showing some much-deserved support of his relationship with Natalie, but honestly, folks,...

WHAT MOTHER would DELIBERATELY remain an obstacle in her child's path to happiness? And by the way, what the heck have the writers done to Natalie's character? What's the matter, the idea to prolong Cris and Nat's marriage starting to backfire but you won't concede defeat? Are you TRYING to tick us off?

And just out of curiosity, what epitome of perfection is Carlotta supposed to be an example of? I clearly remember her having an out of wedlock affair with Hank Gannon that resulted in her getting DUMPED, so who is she to be so APPALLED by the idea of two unmarried people having a relationship? And if I recall, she was DEAD WRONG about both Keri and Jen, so why would she be so confident in her view of Natalie? AAARRGH! Quick! Somebody go get the Superbroom and send Carlotta flying away! Or better yet, get her a man!

To word...(Sorry, can't print it, FCC and all, but you get the point!)

Another well proven example of the writers' HORRIBLE abusive display of mothers using children as pawns whenever they're ticked off with the dads. In a world where there are plenty of adults who were abandoned children, and children who are now being raised by single moms and deadbeat dads, do they REALLY think it's wise to punish the male characters who WANT to be active dads? One word...STOOOPID! And THAT, I can print!

To Jessica and Antonio's possible relationship...

What's this, a new definition of "keep it in the family"? Are there really that much of a couple shortage that they have to keep giving these siblings the other's exes? This new Jessica is a great actress, a little more seductive than Erin, but her character is just as ditzy, only now she has attitude to go with it.

To TPTB, for keeping Rex around..What's his purpose, exactly?

For dragging out Mitch Lawrence's storyline...

Frankly, he should have been caught and jailed by now, and used to plan revenge onscreen from Statesville. He seems to be well-adjusted to living with blindness having just been afflicted with the disability.

Natalie seems to have lost her street smarts and her strength. Ever since she finally got her man, she's been bending over backwards to please Carlotta, or spending the other half of her time proving that she can be a b----. I can't say this enough..

Stop using children as pawns. Stop recycling lovers. If you come up with a brainstorm, such as bringing back our favorite characters, USE THEM WISELY! Don't give us a tease of greatness and set us up for a fizzle. The best way to do that is not to drag out a good storyline past its limit. End one and come up with a new one for them.

Don't punish the good and reward the bad....

For example: Keep a child away from a father who wants them...

Don't send the message to younger viewers that having a lot of money gives you a license to snatch custody away from a truly loving parent because you're ticked off. If you have the guts to introduce or tackle controversial issues in daytime, then have the guts to see it through to a realistic ending.

Furthermore, don't tick off us viewers by insulting our intelligence with things that are impossible. Sure we want fantasy in our soap, but it's only magical when there's more reality involved than science fiction.

Sound-off with or at me at: 

Until our next voyage, folks!

Page updated 12/27/11

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