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Kaydee's Soap Review #14

Greetings, Soaplings!!


Yes, I'm back, and I hope you all missed me. I want to apologize for my unexpected hiatus, but my four-year-old daughter had contracted scarlet fever last month, and ever since then, I have been battling the virus and other sicknesses between my six-year-old, my five-year-old, and my 21-month- old. Then my back went out 2 times for a week each time. Many of you have e-mailed me wondering where I was, and when you found out, you were ALL so wonderful and caring, and it made me love my job so much more. Now to reward you, I have returned to deliver one hell of a review. There's much to talk about, folks, so fasten your seatbelts, and let's get to Llanview and Port Charles bashing.

I begin with General Hospital.

I don't know about you, but Jax, Sonny, Brenda AND Jason are getting on my d**ned nerves!!!

(BIG shout out to my Mansion Members, you all know what I'm talking about! Toni, Sues..extra special shout out to you!!)

Jax, that brawny, blond, Brenda-WHIPPED go-bot!

Never have I seen such a pathetic character with such a lack of morals as I've seen in this impostor! Come on, ladies, hear me out. Here is a man, who married Skye. He promised to love honor and cherish her. He promised her that all of the tragedies that she'd suffered in her lifetime would come to an end in his arms.

He assured her that she was his love, his soul, his heart. Then..along comes the resurrected Tattoo Princess, and his undying love is suddenly controlled by a light switch. BRENDA now gets his undying love, his soul, his protection, and Skye is the enemy.

Back when I first called Brenda a rat, I received some flack for those of you who felt that Ms. Barrett was a victim of Alcazar's deceit, and she needed to be given a break. I was told that I was an unfeeling monster, to paraphrase, for not sympathizing with the former mob mistress' mental anguish she suffered when she believed she was dying for so many years.


I did. I listened to your points of view, I changed my perspective angle, and although I still smelled a rat, I kept an open mind. And what happened? Hm?


Should she still be considered the poor victim? EH? She broke up Skye's marriage, flashing that, that, that...AGGRAVATING tattooed hiny in Jax's face every chance she got. THEN....she tried to play the noble person and "let" Jax go..MARRIES JASON, while heading right back into the Save me, Sonny- Save me, Jax game.

She was a weasel from the beginning! The sniveling little man- stealer!

And don't let me get started on these GH men! Jason, although Sonny's chess pawn, had always had an original code of honor. Although his line of work wasn't anything to brag to your parents about, he kind of stood in a class by himself. He was once a character that we rooted for...

Now, I have added a crossbow to my collection for him, too! He gave up on Robin..ok, Kimberly McCullough left the show. But what happened to his undying love for Liz, hm? And now, he's in love with Courtney. Is this the thing that is going to prove to him that his sacrifice of life for Sonny will NOT be returned???

I'm through with this sick town, folks. Let's take a drive over to Llanview.

Jessica has FINALLY, FINALLY sat down to eat that plate of Crow that has been piling up since the day she attacked Natalie. While I must say that I will miss Erin Torpey, and by no means is my character-bashing directed at her, Gary Tomlin did a butcher job on Jessica.


She got what she deserved! She was a twit from Day One, and she lost EVERYTHING as a result! I got all warm and fuzzy when she confessed to Sam, but it wasn't because I was impressed in any way by her so-called redemption. She had done everything in her power to get what she wanted, and she had no regard for who she destroyed in the process. She was even willing to ruin the life of a child just because she got her feelings hurt.

On the flipside of that..

Way to go, Al! Way to go, Roxy!

If there was ever a time to praise someone's redemption, these two characters presented it in the past thirty days. I personally nominated Nathaniel Marsten for his performance in the episode entitled: "The Day Al Told Jen to Buzz the Hell Off!"

His performance was outstanding! He showed nothing but class, and his

character has been classy ever since. My second most favorite moment was when he handed Viki the airline tickets to meet her Jessica at the airport. WOO-HOO! Kudos to you, writers!

Roxanne riot, you!

The wrestling match with Mitch Lawrence was definitely one for the box office! She connected with a maternal instinct she didn't even know she had! You go, girl! Kick the Devil's A$$!!


Poor, strong baby!

I am a little annoyed with the writers for a few reasons. Number one, they have had Viki begging for Jessica's approval, while they take Natalie for granted. YES, Viki has proven and openly expressed her love for Natalie, but is it me, or does Viki seem to automatically assume that Natalie can handle EVERYTHING herself?

Yes, Nat is strong, but damn! The girl has had to be strong all of her life unassisted. Isn't it about time that SOMEONE put her first and STAY by her side until ONE of her crises is over??

I mean, here she is, MARRIED to the Devil's advocate. A monster clearly reputed for his preying of women. He is after Jess, sure, but we all know that he's Jessica's FATHER, so he won't be trying to rape her! Jeez, Natalie needs the 24-hour protection, and she WANTS to stay with Viki, so why the hell is Viki traipsing around after snotty Jessica, only to be rejected when they meet?

Natalie and Cristian are in PHYSICAL danger, Jessica is safe. Yes, emotional anguish is just as bad, but she won't DIE from it!

Writers, WAKE UP! End this storyline already! Stop trying to score points with long, torturing plots, and get CREATIVE! Bringing Roscoe Borne back was ingenious, now USE him without ticking us off!

Until next week, folks, you can rally with me or bring your throwing tomatoes for me at:

Page updated 12/27/11

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