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My 2 Cents
By Snoopy

So we’ve got the Daytime Emmy Awards coming up.  This is one of Snoopy’s most anticipated events of the year.  As an avid CBS watcher, Snoopy is pleased to see many nominees representing CBS. Snoopy will only comment on the CBS nominees, as to be fair, because Snoopy is not as familiar with the candidates on other networks.  Let’s look at the leading ladies.

Best Leading Actress

Crystal Chappell:   Snoopy can see Crystal taking it this year.  She’s patiently been moving up the ranks to this category.  Crystal’s always been a powerhouse, but this year, she’s had a storyline to back it up. 

Jeanne Cooper:   The lady defines the meaning of the word class.  She is no doubt a gifted performer, but Snoopy thinks that her storyline doesn’t give her the momentum she needs to be in this category.   

Michelle Stafford: This red head can do it all, comedy, drama, suspense.  Michelle Stafford can make you feel sorry for her or hate her.  The tape she submitted of giving birth in the elevator was pure gold, and it didn’t hurt that the scene was with one of her best acting partners, Peter Bergman.  As much as Snoopy likes Michelle, she’s already won two Emmy’s and one in the lead category.   

Maura West:  Talk about a powerhouse!  Snoopy loves Maura West, and hopes she takes it this year.  If she ever had some standout scenes, it was this year during her break-up storyline with Jack. This lady has been rocking As the World Turns for years.  It would be refreshing to see her get the accolades that she deserves. 

Kim Zimmer:   What can Snoopy or anyone say about this daytime legend?  Snoopy was none to fond of her cancer storyline, but Kim rocked it.  She had a stand-out year again, but she’s already won four Emmys, and Snoopy thinks that perhaps there are 1 or 2 ladies that had more of a standout year.   

Should have been nominated: Sharon Case 

Best Lead Actor

Peter Bergman:   This man says it all with his eyes in every single scene.  Peter is a fantastic actor, who can reach and display an emotional level of vulnerability that many male actors don’t.  Peter is Snoopy’s fave to win. 

Michael Park:   He has such a wonderful presence and did fantastic work in his story this year.  Snoopy is not sure if his storyline allowed him to display the same range as Peter this year.   

Ricky Paull  Goldin:  Snoopy hasn’t tuned in much to Guiding Light this year, but viewers and critics seem to love the man, so he definitely can’t be counted out. 

Christian LeBlanc:  Christian is a fascinating actor to watch on screen. One moment he is humorous and the next he displays such and intensity and almost viciousness as the legal eagle.  Christian always does good work.  His scenes this year, dealing with his crazy were amazing.   

Should have been nominated:  Robert Newman (Josh, GL): Eric Braden (Victor, Y&R) 

Supporting Actress

Gina Tognoni:   Who doesn’t love this woman?  Her version of Dinah Marler has been dynamite.  She’s done great work this year, once again.  Snoopy’s only concern is that she took home the Emmy in this category last year. 

Leslie Kay:   Her portrayal of Felicia Forrester definitely brought a new energy and vitality to The Bold & The Beautiful.  She did beautiful work during her cancer storyline.    However, her storyline for the second half of 2006 was virtually non-existent, leaving Snoopy worried that her wonderful work might be forgotten or too far from memory. 

Should have been nominated:  Kelley Menighan-Hensley; Beth Chamberlin: Judith Chapman 

Supporting Actor

Trent Dawson:   Actors don’t come any more versatile than Trent.  He steals every scene.  However, Snoopy thinks that the year before was truly Trent’s shining year. 

Kristoff St. John:   Kristoff is a very grounded actor, which may make him seem understated in a lot of his scenes with Victoria Rowell.  He does nice work, and he especially had good story to work with this year, when he found out that Lily was not Dru’s daughter.  He also did pretty great work in his non-affair with Carmen Mesta.   

Should have been nominated:   Winsor Harmon (Thorne, B&B) 

Younger Actor

Van Hansis:   This young man made a seamless transition into the role of Luke Snyder.  He did a wonderful job of bringing Luke out, without being too over the top.  He is a top contender. 

Bryton McClure:  It’s too bad that Bryton doesn’t get as much story as he should, because he is a good actor, and he brings a naturalness to his work that you don’t see some times in young actors.  Snoopy is not sure that the scenes he submitted will bring him the gold, but Snoopy is always pleased with his work.  Now if we could just get his character a girlfriend. 

Jesse Soffer:   This young man has practically grown up on soaps and has become a fine actor.  He’s done some great work this year.  What Snoopy loves about Jessie is the realness that he brings.  It also doesn’t hurt that he’s got great chemistry with Jennifer Landon.  The two bring out the best in each other in a scene. 

Tom Pelphrey:  Tom has brought the daytime world to its feet.  He’s intense, he’s wild, and he’s unpredictable.  It’s pretty clear that he’s had another stellar year.  He’s a clear contender. 

Alexandra Chando:  How adorable is she?  Alex has really surprised Snoopy in a good way.  She came on as a meddling little sister to Henry Coleman, and has grown to be an essential member of Oakdale’s teen crowd.  Alex, whose character can be quirky, rose to the occasion during the Slasher storyline.  Go Alex! 

Jennifer Landon:  Jennifer portrays the perfect young heroine in Gwen Norbeck.  She’s had great scenes this year with the slasher storyline as well and dealing with Jennifer’s death.  Don’t count Jen out. 

Stephanie Gatschet:   What a way to go out with a bang Steph!  Stephanie has never done better work than this past year.  Snoopy’s concerned that her beautiful and understated performances might be overshadowed by her scene partners (particularly Tom Pelphrey).  But a note to remember is that it takes two actors to make a supercouple work. 

Should have been nominated:  Adrianne Leon: Marci Rylan

Page updated 12/27/11

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