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AMC Character Descriptions


PLAYED BY:  Alexa Havins (2003 - October 8, 2007) 
                        Amanda Baker (October 8, 2007 - present)  

Arabella Carey, also known as "Babe", is the daughter of David Hayward and Krystal Carey. JR Chandler is her current, although soon to be former, husband. She initially married JR only weeks after meeting him while she was still married to Paul Kramer, a bad apple from the OLTL cast. She also slept with JR's half-brother, Jamie, the night before JR announced their marriage to his family. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Babe's bad behavior. The problem is that Babe has a big heart and despite all her wayward behavior, we actually like her. She is a good-hearted person with horrendously bad judgment. As Bianca Montgomery once said of Babe, "She does the wrong thing for the right reason."

Babe can rationalize almost any lie to herself. After lying to JR about sleeping with Jamie and then finally admitting it, she lied about the date of conception in order to confirm that the baby is JR's beyond a doubt. Once JR found out that Babe lied about the time of conception and realized that Jamie might be the father, he demanded a paternity test. Babe then had Paul Kramer fix the test. Babe believed that she was in the right to lie in order to prevent hurting JR and also to avoid losing him. 

Around Babe's due date, she was stuck in the middle of nowhere with Bianca, who was also pregnant. Paul Kramer came to the rescue and staged a chopper crash, stealing Babe's child and giving Bianca's to Babe. Paul then told everyone that Bianca's child was the one that died. Paul initially told Babe that it was her child that was lost and only changed the story when the family threatened him if anything should happen to Babe's child. Babe, however, had no recollection of the events since she was groggy at the time. Later she remembered what had happened and realized that Bess was actually Miranda but couldn't bear to break JR's heart by telling him that his child was dead and, instead, let Bianca continue to think it was her child who had died. It was not out of malice that she hurt Bianca but her love for JR and her fear of losing him.

To Babe's credit, she has the ability to forgive what no one else can. After JR poisoned her, she still forgave him. Then when he pushed some construction materials on top of Kendall, thinking that it was Babe and nearly killing her, again Babe forgave him for trying to kill her. She passed it off as alcoholism and pushed him to get help.

Babe also has the wonderful quality of being extremely open and loving. She sees the best in others, sometimes even when the good she sees is questionable, as it often is with JR. In other cases, she sees the good that is actually there, the good others are unable to see because of their closed-mindedness. Take Zarf/ Zoe as an example: it was no surprise that one of the few people in Pine Valley to accept Zoe, a woman born with a man's body, was Babe. Babe was able to see Zoe's humanity and was the first person to continually refer to her as Zoe, her chosen female name, rather than her male name of Zarf.  

Proofread by Laura on 2/15/11

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Updated 2/18/11

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