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AMC Character Descriptions


PLAYED BY: Aiden Turner (June 16, 2002 - present) 
                       Tom Archdeacon (May 13 - 28, 2004 - temporary recast for 6 episodes)

Sexy accent, killer smile -- Aidan Devane is the object of many women's fantasies. Armed with an analytical mind and an unwavering sense of right and wrong, the only thing this private detective can't seem to find is true love.

Just out of the British Special Services as an Intelligence Officer, Aidan Devane arrived in Pine Valley in the summer of 2002 looking for his Aunt Anna. He was not aware that her older sister, Lindsay, had a child before she died. When he got a construction job working on Erica Kane's penthouse, he met her daughter, Kendall Hart, who was fighting an arson charge, and had an affair with her. One day in the park, he came to the aid of Maureen Gorman who had been mugged and allowed her to live with him at the Pine Cone Motel. Aidan was beginning to fall for the mysterious lady when she learned her true identity: Maria Santos Grey, who was thought to have died in a 1997 plane crash when she was married to Edmund Grey, with two children, Sammy and Maddie. When Maureen hatched a plan to kidnap Maddie from Wildwind, Aidan helped her until a jealous Kendall reported them to the police. In the struggle, Aidan assaulted an officer and was arrested. After Maureen decided to work on her marriage, Aidan began bartending at the Valley Inn and resumed his relationship with Kendall. Unfortunately, she was still obsessed with finding Ryan, so Aidan went back to Maureen to help her regain her memory. In order to get the drug she needed from the uncooperative David Hayward, who was responsible for her losing her memory in the first place, Aidan held him at gunpoint and threatened to give him the drug. When Maureen arrived, however, David took his gun and fled.

When Aidan was shot by someone from his past, Maureen hid him in the Wildwind stable while ministering to his wound. Aidan confided to Maureen that he was wanted in England for killing his lover, Fiona Sinclair, who was actually murdered by her jealous husband, Julian.  Since Julian was now pursuing Aidan, he fled to the Bahamas with Maureen who was upset with Edmund for drugging her and locking her in a room. Once on the island, Maureen and Aidan made love on the beach, but Julian caught up with them and tied Maureen to a beach chair with a bomb attached to her leg.  After defusing the bomb, Aidan killed Julian and returned to Pine Valley with Maureen where they were free to continue their relationship since Edmund had filed for divorce.

Aidan agreed to help DA Jackson Montgomery investigate former fed Chris Stamp and his associate Flanders. Bartending at the Valley Inn once again, Aidan let Maureen in on his mission and proposed to her, even though he feared that once she regained her memory, she would return to Edmund. When Maddie witnessed Flanders killing Stamp, Aidan took her and Maureen away on a yacht. After Flanders discovered them, a struggle ensued and the yacht blew up, but Aidan was able to jump to safety in time. As her memory returned, Maria went back to Edmund and Aidan began helping Kendall who was being blamed for Michael Cambias' murder. Hurt when Mia Saunders, who was interested in Aidan, told him that Kendall spent the night with Ryan, he broke up with her and began dating Mia. Since Aidan was still helping Kendall, Mia became jealous and released a witness he was hiding, putting an end to their relationship.

Aidan was drawn to Maria's sister, Anita, who was in an unhappy marriage. After she left Bobby, Anita and Aidan became a pair. While he worked as a private investigator in partnership with Tad Martin, Lily Montgomery developed a crush on him and became jealous of Anita, but Aidan helped her see that the relationship was just platonic. Soon, Anita realized she was not ready to date seriously and broke up with Aidan. While he was investigating Jonathan Lavery, who had killed his friend, Steve, and kidnapped Lily before being diagnosed with a brain tumor, he sparred with Erin Lavery and then became romantically involved with her. Their relationship fizzled out, however, when the sexual predator Terry McDermott hired Aidan to find his wife Annie and their child, who Erin was protecting from him. After Terry almost molested Lily, he was killed by Jonathan, but Aidan remained upset at Erin for her lack of trust in him and became involved with Di Henry. Their relationship ended when she took a job in New York. Eventually, Erin became one of the Satin Slayer's victims.

Greenlee Smythe, played by Sabine Singh, returned to town and decided to take Spike away from Kendall but then changed her mind. While returning him, unfortunately, she was involved in a car accident that was thought to have caused his deafness. When Zach hired Aidan to keep Greenlee away from his vulnerable wife, Aidan and Greenlee became romantically involved, and he defended her against Kendall and Zach's vengeance, even breaking her out of jail and taking her on the run. With the police chasing them, they became separated and Greenlee ended up at the bottom of an old fall-out shelter with Zach, whom Richie attempted to kill. After a month of fruitless searching, Aidan and Kendall thought their loved ones were lost for good and found comfort in each other's arms. Upon waking the next morning in the cabin on the property they had been searching, they found a map of the shelter and rescued Zach and Greenlee. Eventually, Kendall came clean with her husband about her night of grief sex, and he forgave her, but Greenlee, played once again by Rebecca Budig, remained in the dark. While working for Zach Slater as chief of security, Aidan went to Africa to rescue Dr. Jake Martin who was working for Cambias' AIDS program in Southern Sudan, instituted by Ryan Lavery. Upon his return, he and Greenlee decided to shoot for a June wedding. His present mission is helping best friend Tad Martin find his adopted 6-year-old daughter, Kate. 

Proofread by Laura on 2/15/11

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Updated 2/18/11

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