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AMC Character Descriptions

Adam Chandler, Sr.
Played by
David Canary (1983 - 2010)


Adam is the mogul of Pine Valley, currently positioned as co-owner and co-CEO of Chandler Enterprises. His life revolves around obtaining as much money and power as possible. His failed marriages are numerous, and he does not respect his children as separate individuals with wills of their own. Adam hates to be vulnerable in any situation. He may love another person, but he will never give his trust and he will control the lives of those he professes to care about the most. He uses manipulation and blackmail to get what he wants and may even commit a few other crimes along the way. People are mere pawns in Adam's chess game of life; the injured parties are merely casualties of war.  Invariably, his romantic relationships fail, and Adam feels compelled to exact revenge.  Stuart, Adam's twin brother, is one of the few people Adam truly loves. He is everything Adam is not; Stuart is compassionate and forgives easily. Forgiveness is a word no longer part of Adam's vocabulary. With the failures of his marital relationships, Stuart is the one constant in Adam's life.

Adam was born in Pigeon Hollow where he grew up with Stuart and a sister named Charlotte (aka Lottie). It was in Pigeon Hollow that Adam first met Palmer Courtland, known at the time as Pete Cooney. Pete dated and impregnated Charlotte but went off to war without knowing of the forthcoming child. After giving birth to a son named Ross, Charlotte committed suicide, for which Adam blames Palmer (Pete Cooney). This was the start of the rivalry between Adam and Palmer.

In 1983 Adam came to Pine Valley. His first wife Althea, with whom he had adopted his daughter Skye, had already passed away. In 1984 Adam and Erica Kane met and married, but the relationship did not work out.  Adam, however, sent Stuart to take his place in the divorce. Thus, he was still legally married to Erica when he married his next wife Brooke English. When Brooke was found to be unable to have more children, Adam hired Dixie Cooney, Palmerís niece, as a nanny. The two then had an affair, which resulted in the demise of Adamís marriage to Brooke; however, it did provide him with the heir he desired, Adam Chandler, Jr. (JR). Adam later tried to have Dixie committed in order to gain custody of JR. This will become a theme. Adam will use dirty tricks to maintain control over his offspring.

Adam then had a series of marriages that included Natalie Hunter (the sister of Janet Green), another marriage to Erica (Kane) and then to Gloria Marsh, a con woman.  Adam's marriage to Gloria produced a child, but the child died not long after being born prematurely. After the loss of her child Gloria attempted to poison Adam, whom she blamed for the loss of her child. She was then institutionalized, which kind of put a kink in the relationship, so to say, and the two divorced.

In 1996 Adam and Liza Colby initially planned to marry in an attempt to make Tad Martin and Brooke English jealous. As part of the deal, Adam agreed to give Liza half ownership of WRCW but, of course, Adam did not actually own WRCW. Realizing that she would get nothing, Liza decided to go through with the sham marriage anyway but then actually fell in love with the old goat. Liza used manipulation to try to get into Adamís bed. Finally successful, the one night love session resulted in a pregnancy. Liza jetted off on a plane for a shopping trip with mom, Marian. The plane had a bad landing as a result of a faulty turbine made by a company owned by Adam. Liza lost the baby and blamed Adam. She filed for divorce but later found out that the miscarriage may actually have been caused by exposure to someone with Fifth disease. She told Adam that she knew he was not to blame, but the two divorced anyway.

Adam then found out that Liza, wanting children, decided to be artificially inseminated with Jake Martinís sperm. Adam switched the sperm with his own. He then proposed to Liza and she accepted, although she still thought she was having Jake Martinís child, knowing nothing of the sperm switch. David Hayward knew about the switched sperm and had a field day threatening to expose Adam to Liza. Liza's baby, created through artificial insemination, is Colby Chandler. It drove Adam to distraction seeing Jake Martin spending time with his, Adamís, daughter. Finally, Adam confessed to the sperm switch and Liza, again, filed for divorce.

Adam then married Arlene Vaughn in a moment of despair when he thought Stuart was dead. Once Adam found out that Stuart was really alive, he corrected his earlier mistake and divorced Arlene. Arlene and Adam had embarked on an affair years earlier; his daughter Hayley was a product of their love affair. Hayley and her husband Mateo have relocated to California for Hayley's job with a syndicated talk show. They have a son named Lorenzo, Adamís grandson.  

Adam then got back together with Liza and a series of bizarre incidents occurred involving her, which turned out to be as a result of a brain tumor. After all was said and done, she and Adam confessed they still loved each other and wanted to make their marriage work. Later, seeing Adam and JR trying to steal custody of Bess, JR and Babe's child, Liza realized that she needed to get Colby away from Adam so that he could not destroy her as he had JR. She took off with Colby.

Adam and Krystal joined forces to prove that Little Adam's new nanny Di was an imposter.  During their quest for dirt, the two got drunk and ended up married. Later they fell in love for real. However, when Adam found out that Krystal's baby was not his but Tad Martin's, he wanted nothing more to do with Krystal and refused to admit he ever loved her.

Adam will never be happy because he always sabotages his own happiness with his inability to trust and his need to exact revenge, hurting those he professes to love the most.  For Adam, each of his marriages is the same story: slightly different details, same end result... divorce. 

Proofread by Laura on 2/2/11

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Updated 2/2/11

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