All My Children Best Lines Friday 9/23/11


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David: That truly is a gift.

Jesse: Still doesn't excuse you for breaking the law.

Angie: We can't take miracles for granted, big or small.

Cara: See, that's what David is doing on a weekly basis. He's performing miracles. He's changing lives. He's giving back what people thought they'd lost forever. Second chances are important. To have someone you love -- to have someone you love more than life itself be brought back to you? That is the ultimate dream come true.

Jesse: I'm not arguing with any of that. Miracles are way beyond my line of duty. But releasing David, it's not gonna keep people alive forever.

Angie: That's exactly my point. Think about what we should hold near and dear. One day our family and friends will die, and they won't be back. One day they'll be gone for good. What if that day were today?

Erica: Oh. What's all this?

Marissa: Oh, they have to recite this for an assembly.

Bianca: You ready?

Miranda: The great and the least, the rich and the poor --

Spike: The weak and the strong, the sickness and in health --

A.J.: In joy and sorrow, in tragedy and triumph --

Miranda, Spike, and A.J.: We are all your children.

Erica: Oh!


Marissa: That's perfect, A.J.

Erica: Oh, that was so good.

Marissa: Hey, come here. What's wrong, sweetie? That was great.

A.J.: I lied.

Marissa: You lied "in joy and sorrow"?

A.J.: It makes me think of Dad.

[Knock on door]

Erica: Oh, somebody's at the door. I'll be right back.

Opal: Oh, thank goodness it is you. Listen, I just dropped by your place to say good-bye to you before your big trip to la-la land, only you weren't there packing that bag -- Jackson was. I think he's leaving you, honey.

Stuart: Are you sure I'm not dreaming?

Marian: No. No, darling. This is my dream, and I dream it every night -- that you've come back to me. And then I wake up, and it's a dream.

Scott: You are both wide awake. It just feels like a dream -- the best dream ever. I'm gonna leave you two alone. Dad, I love you.

Stuart: I love you, too. Bye. My queen of hearts. [Kiss]

Tad: Ok. All right. Fine. Um -- it's funny, because at a time like this, there's always so much that you want to say. There are so many people that mean so much, and you can't find the words. But I've been thinking about it, and I've come up with three: Neighbors, family, and friends. I found all of them here. It's been my home, the best years of my life -- not to mention the beautiful woman standing beside me. Here's hoping she stays there.


Tad: And then again, there are all these amazing people that should be here and aren't, who deserve to be here, that have meant so much. And some of them I'm sure, sooner or later, they're gonna get around to buying a ticket home. Usually they do. And then there are others who -- who, sadly, can't. But, uh, I'd bet my life on one thing -- that if they were all here, they would remind us what a miracle this place is.

Tad: You're my dear, dear friends. What would I do without you? I met you back in high school. Now -- now we all have kids that said good-bye to high school a long time ago. How the hell did that happen?

Angie: Shh.

Tad: But it's because of the love and the help of everybody, everybody in this room, because that's how Pine Valley works. Always has, always will. In tragedy and triumph, we come together. I wish the rest of my kids were here to see this, you know, because this is -- this is something to remember, folks. We'll be talking about this for a long time. But then again, I always like to think that no matter what, my family and all my children -- they're always with me. So here's how. What do you say?

Jake: Whoo!


Cara: Whoo!

Erica: All right. Yes. I don't want to get married. As much as I want to be with you, I don't want to rush into some wedding just to reassure you that I'm not going anywhere.

Jack: Finally you admit it. I wish you the best of luck in L.A. and with the rest of your life -- without me.

Erica: Jack? Jack, wait! Jack, please don't go! I love you! I said come with me! Please don't walk out on me, Jack. I need you!

Jack: Frankly, Erica, I don't give a damn what you need.

Erica: This is not the ending I want.

Opal: Now you've done it. You'll never get him back.

Erica: Just watch me.


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