All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 9/21/11


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Woman: They are trying to get me. There's one right there!

Orderly: I'll have the doctor on call take a look at you.

Woman: I want her to examine me. We know each other, don't we -- or did we?

Maria: Uh, I don't know. Maybe. Possibly. I wish I could help you. I can't examine you, though. I'm not on staff anymore.

Woman: But you're a doctor, so you can treat me.

Orderly: She was wandering through the town square. Someone called an ambulance.

Woman: They're everywhere. They're trying to get me. He could be one of them. You can't let them get me. I'm Erica Kane's daughter.

Maria: You're actually gonna be ok. He's not "one of the them," whatever that is, and you're gonna be fine. Just do me a favor and let's find her a cubicle, and I'll call Psych. You're gonna be just fine. We're gonna take very good care of you.

Woman: You promise?

Maria: I promise.

Maria: A lot of kooky characters here in Pine Valley.

Woman: So I see vampires. That doesn't make me crazy.

Maria: No, vampires are very popular.

Woman: I saw them before they were trendy. But the only crazy thing is I feel like I know you, like I've lived here before, but I can't remember when. It's like I've been homesick for a place that I didn't remember until I came here and realized that this is the place. Does that make sense?

Maria: Um, no. But oddly enough, I understand what you mean. Pine Valley is just that kind of town. I remember when I left here, I was so homesick for so long, and I think I'm gonna miss it again all over again when I leave.

Woman: But you can't leave. You're the only person that can help me.

Maria: Oh, no, there's great doctors here. You're gonna be in wonderful hands.

Woman: Ok. Don't forget to tell them I'm Erica Kane's daughter.

Maria: Yes.

J.R.: Now that you're back, everything's gonna be fine now.

Babe: I'm not back. I'm not real. My father's been messing with you.

J.R.: What are you talking about? He brought my mother back, and Zach and Greenlee. He hates me, but of course, he would do the same for his daughter.

Babe: Maybe he tried. Maybe it just didn't work. You would know in your heart if I was alive, J.R.

J.R.: You don't know what it's been like since I lost you. I got sick. I almost died. And my father left. I lost the house and the company, and they took our son! Took our son! I can't let them win.

Babe: Look at me. You have to let it go. Please. Please, just remember what a good man you are.

J.R.: It's too late.

Babe: No. It's never too late to change. Please. I am trying to help you.

J.R.: You can't.

Babe: Why not?

J.R.: Because you're dead! [Cries and picks up the gun]

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