All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 9/20/11


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Greenlee: Oh!

Ryan: Whoa!

Greenlee: Ever hear of getting a room?

Zach: We got plenty of rooms in the house. Don't worry about it. Thank you for shopping.

Ryan: I'll pay for all of it.

Zach: Good 'cause you can afford it.

Ryan: Expensive.

Zach: Why don't you go and look at the grill? Can you do that?

Greenlee: Stop eating all the food.

Kendall: Uh, no, no. That's ok. You keep yours. I have my copy.

Bianca: Well, I don't think I want a copy, not this version, anyway. She can't just do that, hang our lives out there for all the world to see.

Kendall: Watch her.

Bianca: I think I want Natalie Portman to play me. Who do you want?

Kendall: I don't know. How about Sarah Jessica Parker? Or Rosie O'Donnell. I don't know.

Bianca: Ha ha ha!

Kendall: Barbra Streisand. Sarah Michelle Gellar. Who knows?

Bianca: Sarah Michelle would be good.

Erica: Look, why don't we all just try to calm down? I am not trying to humiliate you. I'm just trying to be honest.

Bianca: You can still be honest without baring all.

Erica: Look, I give you my word, I am going to tell the story with all the respect it deserves, but I am not going to water it down. So you just have to trust me.

Kendall: Trust you? Mom, are you kidding me?

Zach: May I have your attention, please? Seemed as good a time as any to interrupt.

Kendall: Actually, we're kind of in the middle of something.

Zach: But Ryan wants to make a toast.

Kendall: Oh, yeah!


Ryan: Yes.

Emma: Good luck, Dad.

Ryan: Yes, thank you -- for that. I would like to propose a toast to, um -- to Kendall and Zach and the sense of family that I believe we all feel in this house. To family. Cheers.

Greenlee: To family.

Ryan: Cheers, cheers, cheers.

Emma: How about me?

Ryan: But that's not all. There's something else I want to tell you, that Zach also wants to propose a toast. Yes, he does. Go ahead.

Zach: Ahem. Uh, well, Kendall and the boys and I got a second chance at something, and I intend to use every moment of that, whether it's breakfast in the morning or bathtime at night or all those tense, awkward moments in between, like if somebody's yelling in my house. I'm only kidding. That's what keeps this family going. I don't have a master plan. I don't pretend to have one, but I do know this. It's been a hell of a ride, and it's far from over. So, here's to the Slaters and the Laverys and the Montgomerys --

Jack: There you go.

Zach: And the force of nature that is the Kane women. May we grow stronger and stronger. To a big happy family. Cheers.

All: Cheers!

Emma: Cheers!

Greenlee: Cheers.

A.J.: Cheers.

Erica: Cheers.

Emma: Cheers.

Erica: You're a lucky woman.

Kendall: I am, for a lot of reasons. One of them being that you are my mother, even if you do drive me crazy sometimes.

Erica: Does this mean you'll give me the benefit of the doubt?

Kendall: Yes. Yes, but the minute we feel uncomfortable, I'm coming straight to you.

Erica: And I won't disappoint you.

Bianca: We'll hold you to that.

Ryan: Hey, nice speech.

Zach: You, too.

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