All My Children Best Lines Monday 9/19/11


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David: This is extraordinary.

Angie: Wait a minute, now. Don't tell me that the great David Hayward had any doubts about his ability to deliver another medical miracle.

David: We did it, Angie. I'm very happy for you. I truly am. Thank you.

Angie: You're thanking me?

David: Yes, I am. For coming here -- and sharing this moment with me.

Angie: Something happened. When Griff was here?

David: Yes, I -- I gave him the name of someone I have, a patient I asked him to bring back.

Angie: David, you did the right thing, and Dr. Castillo will do the same thing. Life is a gift that we're given, and most of us don't get a second chance. First person I saw was my Jesse.

David: So, you forgave him?

Angie: What good are your eyes if you can't see what's right in front of you? I thought that I was alone in the dark, and now I know that Jesse was with me the whole time.

Jesse: Babe?

Angie: I'm ok.

Jesse: Why are you sitting here in the dark?

Angie: I just don't want to forget where I was.

Jesse: Where I put us, you mean. I know I should never have --

Angie: Shh. Listen. All this time, I've been trying to figure out how to forgive you, but now I see what I really need is for you to forgive me.

Jesse: You have nothing to be sorry for. Angela, I lied to you. I took away the chance for you to grieve for our little girl.

Angie: No. That's what I did. I wouldn't let you hold me any of those times I cried, but you never, ever left my side, not until long after my tears were gone. For the first time today, I saw you cry, and it made me see how selfish I've been.

Jesse: You sel -- no, Babe.

Angie: Jesse, seeing the pain in your face, it hit me. All I've been thinking about are the babies that I lost, not the husband who took on my grief and his because he loved me that much.

Jesse: That's nothing. I would do anything for you.

Angie: And I want you to know that I see that now. I want you to know that I see that it was your love that made all the decisions that you made, and I thank you for that.

Jesse: I'm so sorry that we lost her.

Angie: Me too. And I'm even more sorry that I lost us and who we are and how we love.

Jesse: We found it.

Angie: And I'm never taking my eyes off of it again.

Frankie: A toast to my mom, to her determination and guts, also to the look in her eyes when she sees how happy she's made us all.

Brot: Well put. To Angie.

Natalia: Here's to them.

Frankie: Drink to that.

Randi: Mm-hmm.

Frankie: Mmm.

Natalia: It's strong.

Frankie: Tasty.

Natalia: Now let's plan a wedding.

Randi: Yes, ma'am. You know what, with all my contacts from Fusion, we are gonna get you a killer dress.

Natalia: Sweet!

Brot: Well, besides that, I think we should write our own vows.

Natalia: Oh!

Randi: Let's take this party over to Angie's. Frankie?

Frankie: I think my mom and dad could use a little more one-on-one time. Just --

Randi: Baby.

Frankie: Hey, if I went blind and then I opened my eyes, and I saw you there, I wouldn't want a whole bunch of people knocking on my door until I saw all of you.

Randi: My dirty husband.

Natalia: Oh!

Brot: That's your brother.

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