All My Children Best Lines Thursday 9/15/11


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David: Is that what you think I do with my spare time, Angie? Sit around pining for love?

Angie: You grew up in a world that was nothing but cruel to you. A mother who didn't deserve the title, a father who took his own life. Then you lost your brother, two daughters. Why should you believe in love? But -- and this is what makes you different, David -- you do, maybe even more than the rest of us. The need to feel connected to someone, anyone. That's what makes you do the things you do.

David: You must be talking about the horrible, evil, prison-worthy things, right?

Angie: You're brilliant, but you're also desperate.

David: For love.

Angie: And control. You have had so much taken from you already. You'll be damned if you'll let it happen again. So what do you do? You manufacture a way to have the ultimate power over life and death. Genius, really, and incredibly sad. Because even with all that, you are still alone. It doesn't have to be that way.

David: So are you offering to be my friend, Angie?

Angie: I'm offering a way out. You're not the only one who has suffered loss, who's been hit so hard they can't catch their breath, don't know if they ever will again.

David: I'm sorry, I really am, about the loss of your daughter.

Angie: Thank you. It's been torture, but it's taught me something. The only way to deal with pain is to stare it down with the help and support of the people who love you, and I think that you would realize that if you would just drop your guard. And you've come close once or twice with me, but then the wall -- it always goes back up. Don't put them up now. Let me in, David. You won't regret it.

David: All right. Why are you doing this?

Angie: Believe it or not, I give a damn.

David: About your sight. You want to see again. You can relax. Of course, I'm going to treat you, with or without a friendship.

Angie: I give a damn about you, David.

David: Look, I'm sorry, but that's not something I hear a lot, if at all. So forgive me for asking this again. Why?

Angie: Because you were a boy who was hurt, a man who lost children. Because in spite of it all, you are still struggling to stay afloat. I admire that. I relate to it. This can't be how you envisioned your life.

David: No. No, it's not.

Angie: Well, then, make a change. Stop withholding from everyone. I'm not just talking about your secret patients. Stop withholding who you are.

David: And who's that, Angie?

Angie: A man who's carrying his heart in a thousand tiny pieces. A man who -- even the thought may make you cringe -- but who needs a little help to heal.

Angie: You still here?

David: Even I wouldn't run out on a blind woman.

Angie: Told you. There's still hope for you yet.

David: Maybe there could have been, Angie, but we both know that I'm gonna be convicted.

Angie: So?

David: So I'm going to prison. No breaking me down just to build me back up again. That's a waste of your time.

Angie: I don't think so. Yes, you'll have to pay for your crimes, but there's no need to go off with your tail between your legs if you let the world see you're human.

David: And what? Destroy my sterling rep?

Angie: I'm telling you, they'll respond.

David: No, no, it's too late.

Angie: It's never too late. Give Pine Valley the people you're holding back, including yourself.

Angie: I wasn't lying when I said I feel the good in you. I needed a miracle to restore my sight, and you stepped up. You care.

David: That's a stretch.

Angie: You care.

David: All right, maybe a little.

Frankie: Mom, everything ok?

Angie: Yes. Everything is just fine.

Frankie: Let's get you out of here then, ok?

David: Angie. You think maybe you'll come visit me at the big house, or what?

Angie: You haven't seen the last of me.

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