All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 9/14/11


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Liza: May I talk to Dr. Hayward alone, please?

Brot: I'll be right outside.

Liza: Thank you.

David: All right. Here's my defense, short and sweet. Zach, Ryan, Griff, even Greenlee and Kendall -- they all conspired against me to entrap me.

Liza: Oh, come on. David, you broke the law, and you got caught. You have played God for the umpteenth time, and you still don't realize that you can't do that.

David: I think this is what you meant to say -- I cleaned up God's mess.

Liza: Really?

David: Yes, really. I corrected his mistakes, and now everyone in this town wants to crucify me.

Liza: Some people would call that blasphemy. Why don't we talk about your conspiracy -- with reverend Ricky Torres and those casino criminals who brought down Zach's plane? Were you cleaning up God's mess then, too?

David: I had no idea that they were gonna go that far. Anyway, there's no way that they can prove I knew anything about that, sabotaging the plane.

Liza: Ok, come on. Enough. No more lies between client and lawyer, all right? No more excuses. Stop trying to play me.

Dixie: I just can't believe him!

Tad: He's nothing if not unbelievable.

Dixie: Not only does he refuse to tell anybody who he's got hidden away in those medical dungeons of his, but he blames everybody else for his problems! "It's Zach's fault. It's Ryan's fault." It's poor, pitiful David. What a jerk! What? What's so funny?

Tad: "What a jerk!"

Dixie: Shut up!

Tad: You getting so wound up.

Dixie: Come on. Aren't you mad?

Tad: No! No. Actually, I got to tell you, I really liked our good cop/bad cop routine.

Dixie: How can you say that? David didn't tell us anything.

Tad: Not yet, but you got to give it time to work. Have faith. We planted the seed. He's got a lot to think about, like a prison sentence stretching out before him into the horizon. I'm still kind of digging on the fact that despite everything, despite everything we've been through, we're still a pretty damn good team.

Dixie: Yeah, we did ok -- kind of like old times.

Tad: No, no, no. Niente on the old times. That's why they call them old times: They're old. They're behind us. I'm looking forward to the new, improved times.

Dixie: Hmm. Really?

Tad: Mm-hmm.

Dixie: Care to share some of that optimism with me?

Tad: Thought you'd never ask.

Dixie: Ha ha ha! Oh. Oh. Oh, Tad. Oh. Oh.

Tad: Dixie?

Dixie: Yes?

Tad: You remember when you said you wanted to take it slow?

Dixie: Yes. That's because I don't want us to hurt each other.

Tad: Depends on what you're talking about. Sometimes a little bit of -- no. Um, I understand. What you were talking about is that we are two strong personalities, and we're bound to argue and fight sometimes.

Dixie: That's right. But we have lot of fun now, don't we, chicken to chicken?

Tad: Chicken to chicken. You're the love of my life. You always have been, you always will be, no mater what. Today reminded me of how good we are together, how meant we are to be together, and you can't blame a guy for wanting, you know, a little more of that. And I mean -- "more." You know? A lot more. Outfits. Instead of that chicken outfit -- what, too soon?

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