All My Children Best Lines Friday 9/9/11


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Cara: Ohh. I guess I need to go do this.

David: Ok, wait a minute. You shouldn't be alone, all right? So why don't we go to my office? I'll sit while you open it.

[Phone rings]

David: I don't have to answer that.

Cara: You know what? You should. It could be important. I'll wait for you right here. Ok?


David: Erica, this isn't a good time to talk.

Erica: Make time. I'm in Los Angeles, but you already know that, don't you -- just as you know that my coming out here to promote my book was only part of the reason I came out here. I came out here to Los Angeles also because I was looking to see if Mike Roy is alive.

David: I'm gonna have to call you back.

Erica: You must be so proud of yourself -- dropping all those phony clues, sending me on a wild goose chase across this country? We both know that there is absolutely nothing in that facility, don't we? Damn it, David, for once in that miserable life of yours, be honest -- if you have one ounce of human decency in you.

David: Mike Roy is dead.

Erica: What are you telling me?

David: Mike Roy is not one of my patients. He never was.

Erica: What kind of a monster are you -- toying with people's minds and their emotions, feeding them cruel and hateful lies?

David: I never lied to you, Erica.

Erica: You told me that you saved someone I loved very much.

David: Yes, that's true. That part is true. It's just not one of your many ex-lovers.

Erica: Stop. Just stop right there. I will never believe another word that comes out of your vile mouth. I disrupted my entire life, so you could just have a laugh at my expense.

David: You know what, Erica? You don't have to worry about it. It's never gonna happen again, all right? It's the last time I ever do anything nice for you.

Erica: "Nice"? You call that being nice? I'll tell you what would really be nice -- if someone just as sick and disturbed as you came along to give you a taste of your own medicine. He would plant little seeds of hope in the dark recesses of that twisted brain of yours just for the sake of torturing you so you could be awake day and night wondering what is true and what isn't -- and you would never, never find the answers. And so you would be tortured the way you have tortured the rest of us for the rest of your life! That's what would be nice! That's what would be very, very nice!

Opal: Well, bravo. Let David put that in his pipe and smoke it. Oh, sugarplum, what's with the long face?

Erica: I wanted it to be good news, but it wasn't. It was just more of David's dirty tricks.

Opal: I hate to say I told you so, but I did tell you.

Erica: I'm done. No more distractions, and no more detours. I'm going home. I'm going home, home to my family and to Jack, and I'm gonna live the life I was supposed to live.

Sterling: You know, you almost sound like Erica Kane.

Opal: Maybe that's because she is Erica Kane.

Sterling: I know that. For a moment, I thought she'd forgotten.

Erica: Do I know you?

Sterling: You should, because I'm the man that's about to make all of your dreams come true.

Sam: Sorry to break up the party, ladies, but according to my watch, Opal, we've got a flight to catch.

Opal: Oh, yes, and so does Erica. You are flying home to your own true love, remember?

Photographer: Mr. Sterling, you bringing Ms. Kane's new book to the screen?

Sterling: No comment. All right, you got your shot. Move along, please.

Opal: Ok. So we better skedaddle. Why don't you just say your good-byes?

Erica: Why don't you and Sam "skedaddle" to the airport, and I'll catch up with you before our flights?

Sam: Boots and saddles, baby.

Erica: [Chuckles] My friend is right. I have been down that road before, and it wasn't very pleasant.

Sterling: Adam Chandler bought the rights to your first autobiography, promised to make you the leading lady, and then he didn't come through.

Erica: That's true -- and I'm not very anxious to relive that experience.

Sterling: When I was a little boy, all I ever wanted to do was be in the movie business. That was it. That was my dream. And then finally, after what seemed like years, I was just about to shoot my first picture. It's like I was walking on air. You know what happened? At the very last minute, the big money panicked. They got cold feet and they pulled out.

Erica: Oh, how awful.

Sterling: Yeah. All I'm saying to you is don't deny yourself your dream, because you had one bad experience. Let me show you what happens when you get it right. Because when you get it right, it's like magic.

Erica: I'm sure that you've won over many, many people with that speech. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them.

Sterling: I understand your hesitation -- there's a lot of slimy people in this town. There's a lot of carnage of projects that never happened, right?

Erica: Why should I believe that working with you would be any different?

Sterling: Because you're different. I read it in every page of that book. I heard it in every word that you used to cuss out whoever that was on the cell phone.

Erica: Then I guess you missed the part where I said I was going home to my fiancé.

Sterling: No, I caught that. But something tells me you're not too anxious to leave.

Erica: That's quite presumptuous of you. You don't know me.

Sterling: I know your drive. I know your hunger. I know your ambition. You're one of the most successful women that has walked this planet. But you're not done yet, not by a long shot, and your star could shine even brighter up there on the silver screen. And believe me when I tell you this -- I'm the one who knows how to make that happen.

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