All My Children Best Lines Monday 8/29/11


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Tad: You're a hard man to catch up to. Oh, Jesse, come on. This is ridiculous. You and I have known each other our whole lives. You know you can talk to me about anything, right?

Jesse: Oh, my god, this is so much bigger than anybody could possibly imagine, tad.

Tad: Cool. I can take it. It's not a problem. Just tell me what the hell is going on. What did you mean when you said Lucy isn't yours? What?

Jesse: I -- I did everything I could to cover this up, to make sure nobody got hurt. I -- like an idiot, I thought I actually pulled it off. I thought that we could just go on like nothing had ever happened. Lucy was happy, Angela was happy, and that's all I wanted. I just wanted to make sure Angela was happy.

Tad: What are you covering up?

Jesse: Ahem. Wow. Our baby, Ellie -- she didn't make it.

Tad: What do you mean, she didn't make it? You helped deliver her.

Jesse: She was stillborn, Tad. She came out. She wasn't crying. There was no movement. There was nothing I could do. It was too late. I handed Angela a baby that wasn't hers, and I started praying to god like an idiot that the truth would never come out.

Jesse: She's buried right over there. No headstone, no name -- no nothing. It's like Ellie's some dirty little secret.

Tad: Jesse --

Jesse: I come here every day with flowers -- you know, to talk to her, tell her how much she's missed and loved. Talk to her about this side of life. I mean, I -- ahem -- I promised her that every time Lucy smiled, I would look up and remember her.

Tad: I'm sorry, babe. I'm so --

Jesse: I tried to save her. I really did. I tried to breathe life back into her little body, but it -- she was gone, tad. She was gone. I, uh -- felt like I just died right there. It hit me like a ton of bricks. And then Angela -- she comes to and she calls out. She needed me. I mean, she gave up her eyesight. She lost her eyesight for this baby. How the hell am I supposed to tell her that she lost the baby, too, after all that? Angela needed her baby, and I gave her one. I let her believe that Lucy was ours.

Tad: How are you still in one piece?

Jesse: It's because the only thing harder than lying to my wife through all of this was having the possibility of having to watch her live through that kind of pain. I could not let her hold our baby with no life in her. No, I just -- I had to protect her from that. I had to protect her from that, Tad.

Bianca: This won't take long. I have news, big news. Marissa and I are moving in together.

Erica: You and Marissa? Marissa?

Bianca: Yeah. I wanted to tell you before, but you were all caught up in your own stuff -- and you wanted to see Zach, which I get.

Erica: Want to tell me what, exactly?

Bianca: Marissa and I are in love. We have been for a while.

Erica: Well, that's wonderful, sweetheart. That's wonderful. Why am I only hearing about this now?

Bianca: Like I said, you've been kind of busy.

Erica: I'm never too busy for you. I mean, this is fantastic news. Do I wish it were someone other than Krystal's daughter? Yes, but that's ok. We won't dwell on the negative. We'll just hope that that apple fell far, far away from the trampy tree.

Bianca: Well, I guess I thought you would have more of a problem with David.

Erica: Oh, yeah, David. David and I have our issues, that's for sure, but we can just manage to coexist. Life is too short.

Bianca: Good. Then maybe you and Krystal can coexist, too.

Erica: Not that short.

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