All My Children Best Lines Friday 8/26/11


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Cara: Everything's a mess.

David: Why? What's happened?

Cara: Everything.

David: Yeah, you said that. What's going on?

Cara: Zach needed to see me, so I went over to their house. My brother was there, and he was trying to convince Kendall to turn against you, and he and Zach almost got into a physical fight, and then he was angry with me for still believing in you, and he was still determined to go to the FDA. Everything.

David: All right. Look. We're in the middle of the storm here. All right? But as long as we remain clear, we stay focused, I'm not gonna give up hope. And I hope you won't, either.

Cara: No. No. I'm not giving up.

David: Is there something else?

Cara: Nothing. No. Nothing.

David: Cara, come on. If we're gonna work together, we have to establish a trust, right? So there are no doubts?

Cara: Ok, are you -- are you doing something to the patients? Something -- to make them act differently than they normally would?

David: They got to you, didn't they?

Cara: I'm just asking you.

David: All right. What did they say? What? What, that I've created my own posse of back-from-the-dead zombies to do my bidding? Is that it? I'll tell you what. If you think that I'm capable of doing something like that, maybe you should leave. You know? Before I take total control, and there's no time left for you.

Cara: I just want answers.

David: The only people messing with minds right now are the Martins and their ilk. I'm sorry that you listened to them.

Cara: What's up with Zach? Everyone's saying how much he hated you, and now he comes back and he's your biggest fan?

David: Isn't it obvious? I resurrected the man's life. I gave it back to him. Of course, he's gonna believe in what I'm doing. All it takes is a little enlightenment, a little knowledge. That goes a long way to opening closed, little minds. Look at Angie. Her life goal was to destroy my career, get me out of the hospital. Look at her now. She trusts me completely to help cure her blindness. There was no brainwashing necessary.

Cara: So it's just gratitude?

David: Let me tell you something about the Pine Valley mob mentality. Anyone that colors outside of their provincial, cramped, little lines, they can't stand. It drives them crazy. They hate originality. They resent genius. And they will do anything they can to bring it down. So the choice is yours, Cara. Are you gonna be like Angie and Zach -- enlightened? Grateful for all the good that I've done? Or are you gonna go by way of the ignorant mob?

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