All My Children Best Lines Thursday 8/25/11


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Ryan: I did. And we talked about this. They're part of us. But right here, right now, I know. I know that you love me, and I feel the same way about you.

Greenlee: Yeah, I guess I just need to trust that. David put Gillian in my head.

Ryan: You did the right thing when you told me, because he wanted you to sit on it, let it fester inside you. But by telling me, by trusting me, you take all the power away.

Greenlee: I guess I learned my lesson.

Ryan: Yeah, we both made our fair share of mistakes, but it's important that we continue to be honest with each other about them.

Greenlee: Look at us--we've grown.

Ryan: Ha ha ha! We're definitely not the same people we were when we were with other people because this is our time now.

Greenlee: What's this?

Ryan: Just open it. Ok. It's a piece of property I put a bid on. It's something that I hope will be able to house the Cambias and Fusion offices together.

Greenlee: It's beautiful.

Ryan: You think?

Greenlee: Yeah. It's perfect.

David: Not even you can ruin my good mood, Lavery.

Ryan: I can certainly try. My wife has been talking to me about possibilities of people that you might bring back.

David: Oh, yeah. That's right. Yes, Greenlee seemed to be very worried about some of the possibilities.

Ryan: I have my own theory on the subject.

David: Really?

Ryan: Leora.

David: What about her?

Ryan: You must've brought Leora back, right? I mean, you loved her as much as somebody like you could have that feeling, so you must've brought her back to pine valley. She'd be, what, about 8 years old now?

David: I don't know what you think you're doing, but it's--

Ryan: Cruel, heartless to suggest someone you may have lost came back? To poke at the dead just to get a reaction? Yes, it's very cruel, very heartless.

David: You made your point. Now get the hell out.

Ryan: I got more than one point to make. If you think that you can disrupt my marriage by bringing back the ghosts of pine valley, you got to think again, Hayward. I know this has got to be really painful for you, but Greenlee and I are solid. We're good, and nothing you do can change that.

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