All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 8/23/11


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Cara: Hey.

David: Yeah.

Cara: It is your new researcher reporting for duty.

David: That's great. That is the best news I've heard today. I think it's time to celebrate.

Cara: Wow. Um, well, what happened last night, you know -- one-time thing, ok? From now on, strictly professional.

David: Really?

Cara: Really.

David: All right. Well, then I guess we should get to work. I know. Stay away from your sister. I heard it loud and clear.

Griffin: Actually, I don't think you did, but you're about to.

Cara: Griff, we're working here, ok? Can you please leave?

Griffin: You want to stick it to me for bailing on Orpheus, so you're trying to get my sister to take my place.

David: That's not very complimentary of your sister. She happens to be a terrific doctor.

Griffin: This is about revenge, and you know it.

David: You know something? I am disappointed in you, no question. Squandering a tremendous opportunity as you have. But this isn't about grudges. What matters to me most is the future and success of my project, and I have every confidence that your sister is gonna do an outstanding job.

Griffin: Cara, he's using you to get to me.

Cara: Griff, I can't win with you. You know, if I run off and start over, I'm crazy, and if I stay here and choose to do what I want to do, I'm still crazy.

Griffin: What's crazy is signing on to do anything with David. Listen, I know that you're angry with Tad.

Cara: This doesn't have anything to do with Tad. This is about me, my life, my future.

Griffin: Look, you don't know the whole story. Nobody does. I thought what he was doing was theoretical, but it turns out he's been experimenting on human beings, and he's been manipulating me. He let me fall for Kendall, all the while knowing her husband was still alive.

David: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I warned you about personal entanglements. It is not my fault that you chose not to listen.

Griffin: He will suck you in, get you to do what he wants, and he will drop you like you never existed, ok? I thought I was doing good, helping people, living my dream, but I wasn't. I was just another sucker David used to do his dirty work.

Cara: I'm sorry, Griff, but I'm not you.

Tad: If whatever you think you're doing is about me, then make it about me, not Cara. You don't have to hurt her.

David: Aren't you the one that swore to protect her but then dumped her in no time flat for another woman? So if she's hurting right now, Tad, that's on you, not me.

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