All My Children Best Lines Thursday 8/18/11


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Cara: Well, I don't see how any of this is your concern. Excuse me.

David: Well, you do still work for me. So if you're planning to pick up your stakes and fly off into the wild, blue yonder, my hospital would be losing a terrific doctor.

Cara: I think Pine Valley will be just fine without me.

David: Mm. Don't sell yourself short, Cara. You have a great many strengths, as far as I can see, only one weakness.

Cara: And what would that be?

David: An inexplicable attraction to Martin men.

Cara: Excuse me.

David: Ok. I'm sorry. My bad, all right? The wound is still fresh but clearly not as fatal as it may seem. You know, the first time I met you, you were fighting leukemia for the second time.

Cara: I can't really run from cancer, David.

David: No. No. You can't. Now, they had wanted to take you off of chemo. The effects it was having was minimal, but the side effects, well, they were killing you. Now, your brother called me in. He asked me to consult, do whatever I can, use whatever connections I had. Now, I remember when the oncologist came into your room, you saw the look on his face, and you wouldn't let him speak. Now, you shouldn't have had the strength to lift your little finger, but you leaped out of that bed. You climbed on top of it, and you jumped up and down. You were screaming at the top of your lungs, refusing him to speak.

Cara: So you saw that, huh?

David: Yes. I did.

Cara: Not my prettiest moment.

David: I doubt you've ever been more beautiful. It was as if he was death, and you were standing up to him, turning him away.

Cara: So what's your point?

David: I think your brother Griffin is a brilliant physician.

Cara: He is.

David: Yes, but he's only gonna go so far.

Cara: It's called ethics.

David: Well, I'll let other people debate the right and wrong of it, but if we can't use everything within our means to save a life that would otherwise be lost, then why are we doctors?

Cara: So don't worry about me, ok?

Jake: See, the problem is, I know how you are, your motives. When you think you're a problem for somebody else, you just take off.

Cara: Ok. Well, let me ask you this. What do you think the chances are of falling for two brothers and then getting hurt by both of them?

Jake: Uh, two in --

Cara and Jake: Two million.

Cara: Go be with your wife. You guys are so lucky to have each other.

Jake: Thank you.

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