All My Children Best Lines Monday 8/15/11


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David: Respirations rapid and shallow. Pulse 160.

Griffin: Hey. You all right? You look like you've seen a --

David: Dr. Castillo, you gonna just stand there and gawk or are you gonna help me keep this man alive? Let's go!

Greenlee: Yes, this is really happening.

Kendall: Zach.

David: Get an IV started.

Ryan: Kendall.

Greenlee: Let them help him first. Then you can be with him.

Griffin: You want to tell me what we're up against here?

David: He's fighting a systemic infection.

Griffin: Caused by?

David: Why don't we point fingers later, all right? Right now, this man needs antibiotics and fluids pumped into him as fast as we can get them.

Griffin: You had this whole time -- excuse me. You didn't tell me?

David: You want to crucify me? That line is outside. Right here, a man is dying.

Griffin: For the second time, David.

David: That's entirely up to you, Doctor. In case you've forgotten, I lost my medical license. Legally, I'm not allowed to do anything to help him.

Griffin: Oh, so you're concerned with legalities now.

David: The way I see it, you have two choices. You could either be the hero, or you can go outside and inform Kendall that she's become a widow twice over.

Dixie: J.R., you have to know how sorry I am that I haven't been here for you, but I love you so much. Everything I've done is to get back to you, to my family.

J.R.: Family? Is that a joke? That family was a mess long before you ever took your little trip to the great beyond, and I'm sure you'll find a way to blame that on Hayward. Because he forced you to sleep with him while you were married to Tad, right? And you had to run off to Europe to find yourself, without telling us the most important detail, that you were pregnant.

Dixie: Sorry, J.R. I'm sorry. Ok? I know I made a lot of mistakes. A lot.

J.R.: A mistake? A mistake is using your salad fork for an entree. Or forgetting to take your library book back. But running out on your husband and your son, that is not a mistake. That's a travesty. You know what I was doing the whole time you were gone? Trying to keep my family together. Trying to make that perfect family that I never had.

Dixie: J.R., you can have a perfect family --

J.R.: What are you gonna offer me? What kind of advice? Other than to run, because that's always been your choice. When I needed you the most, you left me with my father.

Dixie: Adam -- he loves you.

J.R.: In his own way, right? So do you. The wrong kind of love -- it can be poison. The kind that didn't kill you. I tried being like my father. I tried to not be like him. I just ended up failing miserably. Now I'm just a drunk. So since you're not dead -- you're gonna have to learn to live with that

David: He's not responding.

Griffin: You need to tell me everything you've done to him.

David: Nothing I haven't tried before. I was slowly withdrawing the Orpheus treatment along with the accompanying sedatives.

Griffin: And the infection?

David: That was a recent development. Once he showed signs, I added the antibiotic.

Griffin: Which apparently didn't work.

David: That's because Zach here pulled out his I.V. before they had a chance to.

Griffin: Should've kept me informed.

David: Oh, really? Why would I do that, Doctor? Don't you already feel compromised with what little you did know?

Griffin: You would've had backup.

David: Oh, yeah? And who said I don't?

Griffin: The games, Dr. H. You're playing with people's lives here. You said so yourself on that DVD, that I was the only one who had the ability to carry out this treatment. If that were true, then you should've brought me on board, all the way on board.

David: Maybe you should ask yourself what you're really angry about here. Is it because you missed your chance at being a part of medical history, or is it because you fell in love with Kendall, only to find out that her husband is still alive? Or maybe it's a little bit of both.

Griffin: What was the idea behind putting Greenlee in with Zach?

David: I thought some familiar stimuli might help bring him back to consciousness again.

Griffin: Contact with someone he knew.

David: Yes. That's right. She was available, and she was determined to find out what I was capable of, so why not?

Griffin: Well, I'll let you make that argument with Ryan. I've done everything I can for him. If his fever doesn't break soon, his organs are all going to --

David: It'll break.

Griffin: You better hope so, and you're right about Kendall. Someone I care about deeply just saw her dead husband wheeled into this E.R. alive. You've given Kendall hope, and if what you did takes that away again, you're gonna wish you were dead.

J.R.: This is my home, and you're not welcome here.

Dixie: I -- all right. Well, then let's call Adam, all right? I think he'd be very interested to know what's going on here.

J.R.: All right. Fine. Stay wherever you want, ok? Take the whole damn wing. You stay out of my way.

Dixie: No. I'm gonna be in your way 24/7.

J.R.: I said I don't need your help!

Dixie: Ok. Ok. You don't need my help. What do you want?

J.R.: I just want my son back.

Dixie: Ok. Then we both want the same thing, because I just want my son back, too.

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