All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 8/10/11


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Amanda: I know I don't look sick, but I still have to go to the hospital, ok, buddy?

Jake: You know what it's like, Trev? You know when we go to Dr. Ogden, and he gives you that shot called the vaccine just to make sure that you don't get sick in the future? Then what happens? He gives you a lollipop. It's kind of the same thing. We're taking Mommy to the hospital, just to make sure that she doesn't get sick in the future. And guess what you get to do. Guess what you get to do while we're doing that. You get to hang out with Lucy's babysitter Maya.

Amanda: Yay!

Jake: Do you remember Maya?

Amanda: Yeah.

Jake: There's Maya.

Amanda: There she is.

Maya: You ready to have some fun?

Amanda: Oh, first I think you might have to make a stop at the kitchen first. Somebody's been asking for a popsicle.

Maya: Ok, you got it.

Jake: Hope they have popsicles back there. Go on. You'll have a good time. He'll be fine. He'll be fine. Don't worry.

Amanda: I know. Thank you.

Jake: For what?

Amanda: Thank you for loving me.

Janet: This is just so wrong. I should be taking care of my little girl today, not the other way around.

Amanda: I'm not a little girl anymore.

Janet: No, you're not. You are a beautiful, brave, extraordinary woman in spite of me.

Amanda: That's not true. I am who I am because of you.

Janet: I don't know how you can say that after all the horrific stunts I've pulled.

Amanda: Because they taught me what kind of wife and mother I didn't want to be. But do you want to know what else you've taught me? That there's hope.

Janet: Really?

Amanda: Look at us. Talking, smiling. This is something I thought we'd never have again.

Janet: It's all I ever wanted, Mandy.

Amanda: And to see you open up to Jake, it meant so much to me to see you accept him and maybe even like him?

Janet: Maybe. But just a little.

Amanda: I'll take it.

Janet: I put you through hell and back. And still -- you love me?

Amanda: You're my mom.

Janet: You're gonna kick this surgery's backside, Mandy, come out stronger than ever.

Amanda: I hope you're right.

Janet: Oh, I am. A mother knows these things. I just want you to remember that wherever I end up, my heart will always be with you, and I am just so grateful. I'm so grateful that I get to be here, now.

Amanda: Mom, I'm scared.

Janet: Come here. Honey. It's okay.

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