All My Children Best Lines Thursday 8/4/11


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David: If you think this is some kind of game for me, you're dead wrong.

Greenlee: You promised me if I came here with you, you'd tell me who was in that room with me.

David: I also promised that I would take care of you, and I intend to keep my word on both counts. I'm also still recovering from Erica's attack, which means I don't have a lot of energy right now. And since you took the time to convey to me the seriousness of your symptoms, I am choosing to alleviate them first. Now, I need to draw some blood. So why don't you hop up on the table, and let's get started.

Greenlee: Is it cold in here?

David: I can assure you you have nothing to be afraid of.

Greenlee: Except you.

David: Do you have any idea how close you were to death's door when I brought you back? And Ryan thinks that I did it just to control you. Huh. What a joke. Yeah, if that was true, how'd that work out for me? Hmm? You did end up with him, right?

Greenlee: I won't apologize for that.

David: Maybe you should. I've accepted that I won't have you, but the fact that you're even around at all to be with someone else is a miracle that belongs to me and me alone.

Greenlee: After all that's happened, you can't honestly expect me to trust you.

David: That's exactly what I expect. So if I'm gonna do this, I want to make sure that we're very clear right now. I want to know that you are here right now by your own choice.

Greenlee: I am.

David: And?

Greenlee: And I'm putting my life in your hands. You're bleeding. Maybe we shouldn't do this.

David: No, I'm fine. You're the one I'm worried about right now. I'm not gonna lose you, Greenlee. That life that's coursing through your veins right now? I gave it to you.

Greenlee: David --

David: And I'm not gonna let anyone take it away.

Cara: It's not about you not being strong enough for her.

Jake: You want to tell me what it is about?

Cara: Sure. It's about you sharing your fears with her. Cancer -- it's God-awful, Jake. It leaves you feeling powerless. And if you deny her the right to make you feel better, it's gonna add to that, and she's gonna feel like she can't do anything right.

Tad: As the more sensitive of the two Martin brothers, I have to concur with my wife.

Jake: It's just as a doctor, I -- I fix things.

Cara: And when you can't?

Jake: And when I can't, I feel useless.

Cara: So this time, you don't need to protect her. Support her. And the way you love, it'll be more than enough.

Jake: Wow, Dr. Castillo. You always were good at telling me when I needed a swift kick in the ass.

Cara: Anytime. We'll always be here, right? And when we get back from Martha's Vineyard --

Jake: You guys are going away together?

Cara: Yeah. We are.

Jake: I haven't been completely fair to you.

Amanda: Yes, you -- ok. Tell me why.

Jake: I -- I joined Doctors Without Borders, because they had no borders, meaning that there was nothing to stop you from moving forward at any time. And, honestly, to me, the same thing goes for relationships. Settling down meant like you're settling. Even when I gave myself to you and to Trevor, I kind of kept a little piece of myself back.

Amanda: We didn't notice.

Jake: I don't know if that's true, but maybe you just overlooked it, because you love me? And I think I let Cara back into my life, because it was easier for me, really, to look backwards into the past than to face the idea of being tied to one person, to a wife or to a son for the rest of my life. But I was a fool, really. And if you feel like you can forgive me, I mean really forgive me, I will tie myself so tight to you. I will put a border around our family just to keep us safe, because I just want to give my whole self to you.

Amanda: I pushed you away, too.

Jake: Maybe it does take something like this, like cancer, you know, to --

Amanda: To let us see how beautiful what we have is? [Kiss]

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