All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 8/3/11


Provided By Eva

J.R.: I had a bad day.

Tad: Yeah. Well, you've been stringing quite a few of those together lately, haven't you?

J.R.: Marissa served me the papers. She's got custody of A.J.

Tad: And you thought getting in a bar fight was a good way to win him back?

Jesse: Look. Now that you're here, let me just take the cuffs off like it never happened, ok?

Tad: What would that do?

Jesse: Well, it'll keep him out of jail.

J.R.: Can't lose my son, Tad.

Tad: Well, why didn't you think about that before you picked up the bottle?

J.R.: I can quit, ok? I've done it before. Just get me out of this.

Tad: J.R., I love you. I always have, always will, but I've gone to bat for you every single time you've gotten in trouble, and it hasn't done a damn bit of good, and I'm not the only one. You've had an awful lot of support. How many times has Jesse compromised his job to get you off the hook, because I begged him? And it doesn't seem to help.

J.R.: What are you saying?

Tad: It's time for you to grow up -- and no more friendly directions to turn. You're gonna have to clean up your own mess, whatever it takes. Jesse, I think we're done here.

J.R.: Are you serious?

Brot: Come on, J.R.

J.R.: No, no. Wait a second. Please, Tad.

Tad: I'm sorry.

J.R.: I hate you. You know that? You're weak. I hate you!

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