All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 7/27/11


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Jake: I don't think we need to rehash a whole bunch of history. You know what I mean, ladies?

Cara: I --

Jake: What?

Cara: Before I came to Pine Valley, you guys were in such a great place.

Jake: I know, and I'm not -- I'm just saying that I want us to concentrate on talking to Dr. Hamilton. We don't need to get sidetracked.

Amanda: But maybe this will help me get ready for that. I really want to hear what she has to say. It's important.

Jake: Ok. All right. Sorry.

Cara: You'd been through hell and back. You got through it more in love than ever, with a little boy. And who shows up but the ex-wife? I come rolling in to blow it all up for you. I just couldn't believe that you couldn't really be in love with another woman. It's crazy, right? So you freaked out. You know what? I would've done exactly the same thing.

Amanda: What I did was inexcusable.

Cara: Then it makes us even.

Jake: I just want to say that I could live to be 100 years old, and I would never really understand the way that the female mind works. We just took a little history and change it -- it's fascinating to me.

Amanda: So you think we should what? Slug it out instead?

Jake: Ok. No. No, of course not.

Amanda: We both behaved terribly. But what I did could've cost you your life, and so I'm pretty sure that makes me ahead. Or behind.

Cara: What you did actually led me to Tad. And for that I will always be grateful.

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