All My Children Best Lines Monday 7/18/11


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Ben: You're not serious about marrying this man?

Jane: I most certainly am. David says we are gonna be the power couple to end all power couples.

Erica: It's not enough that you slept with this creep? You have to marry him?

Jane: David asked and I said yes. Kendall and Bianca weren't too thrilled when he popped the question, but they'll come around.

Erica: What?

Jane: Don't be jealous. You had your chance to walk down the aisle. 10 chances. Now it's my turn.

Erica: You still don't get this, do you? You think because you have my face, my clothes, that makes you me. Not even close. You don't have a clue as to who I really am. Isn't that right, Ben?

Jane: No one on this planet knows more about Erica Kane than I do.

Erica: From books and magazines and stupid TV interviews at red carpet events. You know my face, but you have never walked in my shoes. You've never had the experiences that have led me to become me. Those are mine. Those are only mine.

Jane: I'm sorry I busted up your escape plan, but this is the happiest day of my life and nothing you can say is going to ruin it.

Erica: You see, that's another huge difference between you and me. Because I would never be so stupid as to let David Hayward manipulate me like that.

Jane: No, I'm not stupid. David loves me. And I won't lose him.

Erica: You don't have him. How could you lose him? It's all a con, Jane. He's gonna use you and then he's gonna dump you so fast your head is gonna spin.

Jane: You're wrong. This is real. I am going to marry a brilliant, powerful man, and I'm gonna have a fabulous, classy life, and you won't take that away from me.

Erica: How can I take something from you that is not yours, Jane? You have had such a sexually deprived existence it's made you such easy prey.

Jane: I don't have to listen to this. I'm leaving.

Ben: Jane. Wait. This--David person. Whoever he is. He's not the only man who's ever loved you. I love you. Don't go back to him.

Ben: I love you, Jane. I didn't think you'd ever want to hear that after what I've done. But I'm telling you now because I'm afraid I could lose you. All this has to stop, or you'll get caught and you'll go to prison, and I can't let that happen. I have to help you face the truth, make you see that you'll never be Erica Kane. I want you to listen to something. It's gonna help you understand. The recording device on the console. Press play. Please, Jane? Just listen.

[Jane presses button]

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